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15 Great Social Media and Marketing Presentations

social media presentations15 great presentations to get insight about social media and marketing. Some are strategic and others incude case studies, spiced up with recent social media and marketing statistics. Get ideas or use them to change minds of people you need in your boat. Enjoy!

Search and Social: How to Get More Action from Organic Marketing

What impact do real-time search results have on brand awareness and consideration? And how do you leverage social engagement to increase SEO? Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, provides answers to these questions as he shares secrets about real-time search an the impact it can have on social media engagement.

About to lose control

Marketeers are about to lose control. Luckily, this is a good thing. By stepping out of the way, they can become a facilitator between their employees and their customers. This puts the CMO in the role of CCO: Chief Customer Officer. Employee brandbuilding is a simple and practical approach to start this new role.

Social Media ROI: Whats the Fuss?

This deck was used in a panel discussion at the India Social Summit (ISS10) on Dec 17. It has: view on ROI, case studies, pointers on how to get started.

101 Marketing Charts and Graphs

Over 50 marketing charts and graphs based on original research and data from a variety of sources, including analysis of our 2,500 business customers, surveys with hundreds of businesses responding, analysis of the data in our free tools like Website Grader, Twitter Grader and Facebook Grader.

Innovation is the true ROI of social media

Slides for Marketing Foundation Congress 2010. Topic: Innovation is the true ROI of social media. Or how to get customers & influence people with social media.

In Brand We Trust: How Social Media Fits Into It All

A great initial step into the right paths for your company to address both brand positioning and social media. This one is a light introduction to the subject. If you want to get real heavy into the nuts and bolts of social media, we’ve got another one with your name on it. Just ask.

10 Event Trends for 2011

What will be the trends in social media and technology influencing event planners? It looks like it will be more social, mobile and tech.

Social Recruiting @ Deloitte

The Future of Social Commerce

Skive’s overview of social commerce.

7 Top Social Game Metrics for 2011 – The A.R.M Metrics Framework

The A.R.M Metrics Framework: Top 7 Social Metrics presented with the lifecycle of an application: Acquisition of Users, User Retention and Monetization of User.

The future of advertising isn’t advertising

Talk by William Owen, co-founder Made by Many, for APA International Content Summit 2010, London, 24 November, as part of a panel entitled ’The future of advertising: is the traditional model dead?’.

The Adaptive Cycle In Social Systems

Future of Digital Engagement

Presentation given to 7-Eleven on 18th November around the Future of Digital Engagement. Presented in conjunction with Leo Burnett Melbourne. Covers four key areas: Australian online behaviour, game changers (Google, Apple and Social Networks), key take outs (summary).

Social Media For Business: 31 Stats and Anecdotes

31 stats and anecdotes to help make the case for Social Media investment in your organization. Highlights from numerous 3rd Party reports and studies that show the rapid adoption of Social Media Marketing for businesses. Includes a compilation of spending projections, penetration estimates, survey data, and specific examples cover all types of businesses. Because 20 Decibels currently focuses on Twitter, these may have a slight bend to Twitter for Business, but cover the general trends in Social Media as well. For links to sources, visit our blog.

Global Social Media Checkup

The Global Social Media Check-Up examined how the Global Fortune 100 are using popular social media platforms to communicate with their stakeholders. The data for this study was collected between November 2009 and January 2010 among the top 100 companies of the 2009 Fortune Global 500 companies. Sample size for countries/regions: U.S. = 29 companies, Europe = 48 companies, Asia-Pacific = 20 companies, Latin America = 3 companies. Because of the low sample size for Latin America, data is only broken out for this region for overall activity rates. “Active” accounts have at least one post in the past 3 months. Outliers have been noted. Data was collected by Burson-Marsteller’s global research team.

17 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2011

As a bonus here’s our own social media trends prediction presentation. I hope you like it, you can find the full post here.

Image credit: mr.throk

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