2 Strategies for Building Real Connections to Help Your Blog Succeed

2 Strategies for Building Real Connections to Help Your Blog SucceedDo you believe that blogging can effectively help your business grow? It’s true, as long as you’re able to build real connections with your target audience. And, how do you do this? Well, there are various ways to achieve success through blogging connections. The most important thing is that you publish relevant content that can help your audience solve issues they’re having.

But, once you publish your content, what do you do next? The most popular answer to this question is: share it on various social media networks. Many bloggers spend about 90% of their blogging time, creating and sharing their content. Then, they evaluate the stats of the post. If the numbers don’t meet their expectations, they try the exact same tactic, over and over again. This is counterproductive, and it’s a blogging mistake.

Here are two proven strategies to help you successfully build real connections through your blog:

1) Create Controversy

In general, people enjoy controversy. They like to compete and fight about “small” things. When you write your content, take advantage of this. Create some type of controversy and get your audience to debate about it online. Believe it or not, controversy drives blog visitors to share and spread the word.

But, don’t just create any type of controversy. Not only must it be relevant to your niche or industry, it must be intriguing. Savvy blogger, Derek Halpern, wrote a post about “Design is King.” This successfully created controversy as other savvy bloggers reminding him that “Content is King.” He successfully made the post very popular by targeting other writers who he knew would “hate” the idea of what he was saying. Many chimed in to share their personal opinions. Tons of visitors joined in on the fight over whether content was king, or design was king.

In the end, Halpern gained 1,000 new subscribers from that one controversial article alone. How can you utilize this strategy to build real connections with your audience?

2) Reach Out to Communities

2 Strategies for Building Real Connections to Help Your Blog SucceedIf you find a community online that could benefit from your content, reach out to them. Halpern used this strategy when he published an article about a spa he visited. According to him, they had no knowledge of the benefits of email marketing. Now, he knew that his current audience of online marketers would understand the post. However, his goal was actually to reach out to massage therapists to essentially market his services.

He reached out by sharing his content with a message therapist magazine’s editor. The editor shared the post on the magazine’s Facebook page. That one simple shared link successfully sent Halpern 700 new leads.

This just goes to show that you can build real connections by reaching out to various, related communities. This is a very powerful strategy for building a loyal audience.



Author Bio: This article was created by savvy blogger, Chad Goulde of The Blog Builders. Learn the art of building real connections through blogging from TheBlogBuilders.

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