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7 the Most Frequent SMM Mistakes You should Avoid

lkj 300x167 7 the Most Frequent SMM Mistakes You should AvoidDue to a lack of understanding about social media, many people make mistakes. If they are clever, they will avoid making those mistakes again. If they are good people then they will write about their mistakes to stop others making them. Here are seven mistakes that you should not make. Try to remember that social media is about being social, which means that most conventional marketing/promotion is not going to work on social media.

1. Promoting yourself more than 25% of the time

Social media is all about being sociable and communicating. People hate promotional content and they detest adverts. If you spend too much time being promotional then you are going to lose followers, friends and likes on social media. Promotion needs to be undertaken in a surreptitious and subtle way on social media.

2. Posting content for the sake of posting content

ID 10059522 7 the Most Frequent SMM Mistakes You should AvoidThis is the fault of all the so-called online experts that tell you to post content all the time if you want attention. It is true that posting content regularly will get you attention. But, unless the content is jaw droopingly amazing, it will only get you negative attention.

3. Using foul language…even if your competitors do it

This is done by people who think it helps them to connect with their viewers. Their clients may use foul language, as may their suppliers and competitors. Feel free to use foul language in real life if you wish, but keep it off of your social media site. You may well be connecting with your customer base, but you will have a hard time convincing them to trust you. Foul language is bore from an aggressive stance. Even when used in jest, foul language is aggressive by nature. You cannot expect to be aggressive (even passive aggressive) on social media, and succeed in your SMM campaign.

4 . Featuring sex, drugs, violence anywhere on your profile

Feature those four on your website if you want to. Feature them in your blogs, podcasts, Vlogs and your presentations if you like. If you use them correctly then you may gain a lot of attention that you can turn to your advantage. Sadly, they will do you no favors on social media. The reasons why are diverse and broad, suffice it to say, there are few people that add those concepts to their social media marketing campaign and feel any real benefit from their addition.

5. Being a faceless corporation with no humanity

ID 10099520 7 the Most Frequent SMM Mistakes You should Avoid

Social media is about people communicating with people. A faceless corporation is out of place on social media. If you are creating posts on your social media profile, you must add a little bit of humanity in there. If you are responding to a comment on your profile, then do not respond with your “stock” corporate response. Reply with a message that is from you personally, and not something that was drawn up the PR department.

6. Not addressing negative comments written on your profiles

This is a very naughty thing to do, and has derailed more than its fair share of SMM campaigns. The negative comments may not get much response from other users, which leads the business in question to think it is no big deal. But the amount of people who are going to look at your social media profile, see the message and agree with it–is staggering. Thousands of people may look at your site, see the comment, and make no mention of the comment anywhere else. When people see something they agree with, they are less likely to comment than if they see something they disagree with. You need to respond to your negative comments with comments that will convert negative Nancys in into positive Paulines.

7 . The fatal SMM flaw…not having a SMM plan

Social media is capable of sucking hours of productive time from you and your staff and give you nothing in return. You need to come up with a SMM plan and stick to it. You need to have predefined and measurable goals, and you need to create plans to attain those goals. You need take steps to achieve those goals and set time limits to make sure you are not wasting days on fruitless endeavors.



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Posted on: March 21, 2013

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2 Responses

  1. counter March 25, 2013 7:07pm

    some of these mistakes are really bad, if you did them your autohority fall down


  2. Estefania V April 10, 2013 4:04am

    I totally agree! Social Media is to be social and connect with people. Many companies think that social media will automatically help their business become profitable but they forget that social media is to build relationships with their customers. How can they build relationships? By listening to their customers, helping them solve their problems, and giving them valuable information they want. Social Media can be great for a company if they are all about the customer and not about the company!