Bank Threatens to Fire Staff Over Social Media Comments

A great example from Australia how not to do social media:

The Commonwealth Bank has threatened its employees with disciplinary action, including dismissal, if they do not report criticism of the bank made by others on social media channels, including Facebook. – Ewin Hannan, Industrial editor, The Australian

The Commonwealth Bank social media policy

I have heard that int North-Korea the you can be punished for the actions of family members or relatives. Seems that this is catching on!

“For example, your friend could post an inappropriate comment about the group on your Facebook page or create a blog about the group,”
“Failure to comply with this policy is a serious disciplinary matter and may result in disciplinary action being taken against you, which may include the termination of your employment,” the policy says.

I believe that The Commonwealth Bank will be an example for social media marketers for years to come. At least I’ll use it in my next social media seminar.

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Priit Kallas

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