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How to Effectively Do Content Curation [infographic]

content curation-infographic

Many brands worry about the cost and time commitment required for effective content curation. They’re already so busy producing content that they don’t have the energy or resources to comb through the content of their peers and set aside time to share it. However, curation doesn’t always have to be a burden placed on top of the creation process. Many brands that aren’t able to scale use curation as a way to engage with audiences without the effort of producing something new.

Check out this infographic, How to do Curation, for some of the basics on what to look for in curated content and how to share it with audiences. It will guide you through the process of ideation, calendar building, relationship follow-ups, and long-term measurement, regardless of your company size or industry. Even if you set aside only an hour per week for curation, you can make a big difference in your website’s success.

What’s Content Curation?

According to Shoudmeloud, the content curation process consists of finding, tagging, rating, commenting, updating and contextualizing content. Or as this infographic simplifies it, curation means compiling relevant materials into one source that you can share on social media:


Top 10 Content Curation Tools to Get Started

Here are 10 awesome content curation tools in 5 different stages to get in the process step by step. From reading your morning newsletter to combing your own unique insights with curated material. So, let’s get you curating! Take a look at the content curation tools.

Why Should You Curate?

By sharing content on social media, you’re engaging with audiences on their platform of choice. You’re continuing the conversation and positioning yourself as an influencer and thought leader in your field. Furthermore, curation allows brands to connect with peers and other publishers that they admire. It’s a quick way to gain recognition and form relationships that can lead to collaboration in the future.

content auditMake sure you get the most out of your content
Conduct a content audit on your website. Content audit helps to weed out thin content and duplicate pages that hurt your rankings in Google. We wrote you a step-by-step guide how to conduct the content audit.

content curation infographic who

In addition, content curation helps to cut costs and reach new audiences:

content curation infographic benefits

How to Curate Effectively?

While curation doesn’t take as much time as creation, it requires a strategic effort. Teams should come together for a brainstorming meeting to list potential topics, resources, and opportunities to curate amazing content.

content-curation infographic curate effectively

Furthermore, the curation process isn’t complete until the original creator is aware that their work has been shared.

content curation infographic contact curator

Top Sites for Content Curation

DreamGrow has put together a full Content Curation Starter Kit to get you curating. This infographic gives you a quick overview of the two options: social media sites and RSS feeds.


See the full infographic here:

content curation infographic full

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