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Facebook’s Gmail killer coming on Monday

Check out the related post: Facebook New Message System and Email. Yes, you will get your email address in the form of the Facebook announced its new message system.

Stats show that email is getting replaced by IM and social networking sites. As I pointed out some time ago social media will replace IM and email. It would be very important for Facebook to get the current email traffic onto its site. Seems that they are coming out with their own solution.

Facebook is having a press event on Monday and the speculation is that the they will unveil its “Gmail killer”. TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid writes that:

Facebook’s secret Project Titan — a web-based email client that we hear is unofficially referred to internally as its “Gmail killer”. Now we’ve heard from sources that this is indeed what’s coming on Monday during Facebook’s special event, alongside personal email addresses for users.

facebook email invite

This is a very big thing for Facebook and it can change how we use web for all of us. A week ago I wrote that Facebook will have 50% of all time spent on internet and if the Facebook will start with email then this is a really big step in that direction. As Jason puts it:

Facebook has the world’s most popular photos product, the most popular events product, and soon will have a very popular local deals product as well. It can tweak the design of its webmail client to display content from each of these in a seamless fashion (and don’t forget messages from games, or payments via Facebook Credits). And there’s also the social element: Facebook knows who your friends are and how closely you’re connected to them…

Google still has its search dominance but I believe Microsoft and Facebook will work very hard to end that. This is a really exiting time. What you think will happen?


Posted on: November 12, 2010

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3 Responses

  1. Priit Kallas November 13, 2010 6:06pm

    At Fast Company E.B. Boyd is writing why Facebook is not going to launch an email service. Bottom line: Expect to see Facebook unveil some kind of communication tool on Monday. It will be one that leverages the company’s core goal—connecting users—with a set of features that draw from Facebook’s existing functions. Expect it to move the concept of text-based communication forward in forms we haven’t yet conceived of.


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  3. Priit Kallas November 13, 2010 9:09pm

    New York Times: “They are not trying to do a standalone rival to Gmail,” the person said. “The are building an integrated experience in everything they do.”


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