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Write a posts for dreamgrow.com! We are constantly looking for top notch content. If you want to write a guest post for our site then let us know.

We are interested in posts on topic of content marketing and social media. Your contribution is much appreciated. We have compiled a list of guidelines to make sure that your post matches our readers’ needs.

The post has to be, and this is really important:

  • on topic of content marketing and/or social media marketing
  • NOT beginner level (you should blog, social media is important, etc)
  • have concrete TIPS or ADVICE for other marketers using social media
  • minimum length of 1,300 words
  • include relevant free images with a source (Examples, screenshots, gaphs, diagrams, etc. No tag clouds and business people please)
  • only original posts not published anywhere else

Now some technical details. We reserve the right to not publish your post. Please send us well-written, on-topic post with no spelling errors. Here are some guidelines to help you write a better post:

  • start with what readers are going to get out of the post, then fill in the details
  • try to keep it to 5-6 lines per paragraph
  • one idea per paragraph
  • make the key phrase of the paragraph stand out with bold
  • add a high-quality creative commons images with source. Make sure the license allows you to use the images
  • your name, picture, and short bio (1-2 sentences)


Use Hemingway App to improve your post’s readability. There shouldn’t be too much red and readability grade has to be below 7.

Here are some links to help you in your writing:

Promote the post in your internet and social channels to reinforce the value of the link. Use your website, email list, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. We will promote your post, too. The more promotion the post gets the more value you get out of the post.

Next step to get your article published:

Please send us 3 headlines that would be a good fit for our site. 

Contact [email protected]. Guest post inquiries to other email addresses will not get an answer. 

Thank you,
Priit Kallas

Image credit The University of Iowa Libraries

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