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Here You’ll Find Great Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages Examples

Update: be sure to read our new post about 23 cool examples of Facebook Page cover photos!

Facebook timeline for brand pages are officially live. Here’s how to enable them. A lot of brands have already upgraded to Facebook timeline and this is why I have gathered a few good examples of Facebook timeline different elements and how businesses are using them. Don’t forget that on March 30th you will be forced to switch to timeline.

Cover Photos

Before we get started though, here are two things you must know about cover photos:

1. When choosing your cover photo it is important to follow Facebook’s guideline. Your cover photo cannot include:

A. Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”. 
B. Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section.
C. References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.
D. Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”.

Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property. (Source)

2. Cover photo measurements are:

Width: 851px
Height: 315px

Livestrong has found a way to connect their profile picture, cover photo and application icons. The result is absolutely amazing!

livestrong facebook cover photo

Red Bull’s cover photo looks very neat!

red bull facebook cover photo

Amsterdam Printing does a fine job of integrating their profile picture with the cover photo and is very appealing for the eye. Cool!

amsterdam printing facebook cover photo

Walmart’s cover photo is also quite colorful.walmart facebook timeline cover photo

You get hungry just by looking at Subway’s cover photo. I sure did!

subway facebook cover photo

Nike’s cover photo is my personal favorite (disclaimer: I really like Nike as a brand).

nike facebook cover photo

Just Gatorade being Gatorade. Cool, cool, cool.

gatorade facebook cover photo

AmEx has already sorted out the new application icons. Overall, I think their page looks great!

AmEx facebook cover photo

The Social Media and viral expert Old Spice is taking a really manly approach with their cover photo. Who would’ve guessed.

old spice cover photo

Macy’s Facebook timeline cover photo.

macy's cover photo

Verizon is promoting a cover photo that has been made by one of their fans. That’s really cool!

verizon cover photo

Brand Page Milestones

Facebook milestone photo measurements:

Width: 843 pixels
Height: 403 pixels

Windows got released. Wooohooo!

windows released facebook milestone

Manchester United’s foundation year milestone. A certainly important day for them.manchester united facebook fan page milestone

Xbox Kinect was announced under the codename “Project Natal”.

xbox kinect facebook timeline milestone

The year when Dove was founded. I really like the old commercial images.

dove facebook foundation

AT&T formed as the “Long-Distance Company”


att facebook milestone

The day that changed the world. Coca Cola was founded.

facebook coca cola milestone

Pinned posts (Featured content)

Walmart’s “Catch a seafood favorite” pinned post. It’s good to feature visual content that draws the eye. If I were them, I’d also add a link to the recipe.

walmart facebook pinned post

Macy’s promoting their July 4th fireworks music playlist.

macy's facebook pinned post

It’s a good idea to feature a campaign as a pinned post. This is exactly what Subway is doing by promoting their “Free cookie” campaign.

subway facebook pinned post

A collection of Mountain Dew’s finest.

mountain dew facebook pinned post

I hope you gained some inspiration from this post. You’re very much welcome to post your own or other Facebook timeline examples in the comments. Cheers!

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Mart Prööm

Hi there! I’m a young marketing enthusiast currently getting my bachelors degree in the awesome field that is marketing. I’m passionate about inbound marketing, social media, mobile marketing and my own personal hobbies such as football and volleyball.

10 Responses

  1. arnold says:

    HEY MART! i think you’ve missed one awesome cover photo.. can’t post it in here though so here’s the link

    would you add it to your post

  2. Piotr says:

    Im a graphic designer and just started designing new fanpage timeline covers.
    This is my first work for myself:


    I would be really happy for some feedback.

    Please kindly, take a look at old designs potfolio 😉

    Best regards,
    Piotr Loj

  3. Neda says:

    I notice that major brands using timeline have no compression applied to their cover photos, yet when I copy dimensions (720px × 267px on Ben &Jerrys ice cream) and size mine looks horrible. Any word on if facebook is playing favorites?

    • Mart Prööm says:

      Hi Neda, I inspected the example, Ben & Jerrys, and their cover photo is 849px x 313px. Where did you get the 720px x 267 px dimensions? The right measurements are 849*313 (also confirmed by Facebook).

  4. Tam Ngo says:

    The timeline idea of Verizon is great. Not only nice design but also good way to engage customers. 😀

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