9 Simple Steps to Create New Content for Your Blog

Create New Blog Content

Blogging is great and content seems to be the king as they say. But some of us are having trouble coming up with new and inspiring topics to write about. The following list of steps should help you to find fresh valuable content to write about.

  1. Browse Quora to find topics associated with your business niche or industry. Usually there’s a lot of questions to be answered and if your business has the know-how to answer them, why not write a blog post about it?
  2. Keep tabs on your industry related forums – there’s always a lot of discussion there which could inspire you to write something new or potentially solve someone’s problem.
  3. Find an expert in your industry and ask him nicely to guest post on your blog. He could share some valuable insight into a topic not discussed before.
  4. Think like your reader. What would you as a reader like to read or get more information about?
  5. Keep a notepad with you everywhere you go and write down every idea.
  6. Research. If you find an interesting topic that has not yet been fully discovered or has out-of-date information, it’s probably a good idea to do in-depth research on it and publish the results.
  7. Use content curation tools to find trending topics and stay in touch with the latest discussions. Perhaps you can turn one of those bits into a valuable post? For more details about content curation, check out this great post by Social Media Examiner
  8. Be active in LinkedIn groups. You could potentially find a great and unexplored topic to write about.
  9. Plan ahead. It’s not likely you’re going to write a great post impromptu, instead you should plan few steps into the future and slowly develop new content to write about.  Plan out your schedule and make some time each day to think about future blog posts.

Got another great way for finding new content to write about? Share it with us!

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  1. Roy Miller says:

    I did not know about Quora. Thank you for the resource.

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