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How to Find Great Content Ideas for Your Blog

How to Find great Content Ideas for Your BlogAfter trying a number of suggestions available on various blogs online, I believe I have found the simplest methods of getting great content ideas for your blog. These techniques are suitable for anyone looking for a trending or interesting topic to write about in their blogs. The main requirements are; first, you need to be well versed with social media and your blog also has to be about specific topics. This means you need a face book account, twitter account and accounts in many other social media platforms. Also your blog should generally be on an advice perspective.

Most people assume that social networking is only a means of promoting your blog. In fact almost everybody does this forgetting that it can also be the best place of getting the best content ideas for your blog. People on social blogs post the current trending ideas, their problems, things they need to know and many other things you may find suitable for your blog.

Majority of individuals also believe that Google auto-suggest is important in helping you find what you want on the net without typing the complete sentence. They fail to realize that most of the trending tropics can be obtained from the auto suggest list that appears.

The idea

When looking for content ideas for your blog you tend to do very many tiring things. I realized that reading magazines, books and other people’s blogs could be both time wasting and tiring. This was mainly because such activities allow you to blog on things you find interesting. Not all your readers are interested in what you got from magazines or other boring blogs. I realized that I need to get my ideas from a wider audience. What better place to do so than on social platforms like face book and twitter.  Another feature of Google that individuals also tend to assume is the Google auto-suggest feature. I am going to cover these two social platforms as well as the Google autosuggest feature. Basically they are the most common and widely used by a large number of people.


How to Find great Content Ideas for Your BlogOn twitter we have a very large audience. People from all over the world, people with different interests, people looking for something, people with information and so much more. Mostly people post links to their blogs on twitter having useful and at times useless information. Such people fail to see that they can get ideas for their blob content right where they are marketing their blogs.

Whenever I log into twitter I first check out the ‘twits’ from all the famous people I follow on twitter. Such twits may give me instant inspiration on the content I would like to write. This is suitable for those writing general content blogs.

For those individuals writing on a specific niche all you need to do is visit and type your keywords. Within a few seconds you will receive very many questions being asked around the niche you specialize in.


How to Find great Content Ideas for Your BlogIt is common knowledge that face book offer a wider audience from whom you can get great content ideas. In face book people have pages, groups and many other features you can explore and get the best content for your blog. All you need to do is look for and join groups talking about topics in your niche and immediately you will get ideas.

You can also search for pages in your specific niche and look for those with the most number of likes. From such pages you can easily get great content ideas.

Finally you can choose to open your own page on face book and ask prospective readers of your blog what they are interested in reading/learning from your blog.

Google auto suggest

How to Find great Content Ideas for Your BlogWhenever you use Google to search for information or anything else, you are likely to find suggestion of what other people have searched for online. Mostly people who started their query just as you have started yours. A long list is displayed giving you suggestions of what you probably want.

You can use it to your advantage to get great content for your website. All you need to do is type the keywords you want and an amazing long list of topics will be listed by Google auto-suggest. All those topics are the most trending in your niche. They basically contain information that people have been looking for. So all you need is write up good content and you will have lots of readers for your blog. This way you will be able to offer people the information they are currently looking for not outdated material.

You can also type things like “your keyword” how, “your keyword” when and “your keyword” who and mighty Google will auto suggests different things you can work with. Two of the best terms to go with my keywords that I’ve found that work wonder are “your keyword” how to and “your keyword” tips.



Miki Vicioso is an online entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience making money online from creating websites, flipping domains to social media engagement. Miki updates his blog with useful tips and case studies from his own projects.

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