Social media helping to spike up Mercury sales in New England

Increasingly more automakers are diving into social media to sell their production. New-England’s Mercury dealerships just rolled out with a new webisode – “Follow Me to Bliss”. Rolled out as part of an Internet “reality mini-series” to illustrate the green technology of the 2010 Lincoln Mercury Milan Hybrid. The seven-Webisode campaign features “Deal or No Deal” models Lindsay Clubine and Katie Cleary as they partake in a series of unconventional wedding planning events… The series also features the fuel efficient 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid – dubbed “Millie” by their celebrity drivers – and follows them all as they take a road trip across all six New England states on just one tank of gas. Follow Me to Bliss also reached Twitter.

Although the videos themselves are quite tacky and the campaign hasn’t ended yet, its success is already evident:

  • In August – the month the road trip itself was being promoted online – the New
    England Lincoln Mercury dealerships generated more Web-based sales leads than any other region nationwide
  • Additionally, the New England Lincoln Mercury dealers’ Web site,, broke a new record for site visits in August
  • In August and September, the Follow Me to Bliss campaign became the second
    most popular click-through among 16 sources on the New England Lincoln Mercury

On the campaign’s Twitter channel there are already talks of repeating the same campaign sometime in near future.

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  1. November 23, 2009

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