Social Media Weekend: Charlie Sheen, B2BSocial Media, Promoting Content

Charlie Sheen March 2009The Charlie Sheen Guide to Winning! at Online Marketing. Believe it or not there are a few things we can learn from Sheen. Here are a few valuable branding lessons from this fiasco.

A no-nonsense guide to sharing and promoting content on Twitter. The way I have used Twitter has changed at least a dozen times, and I am constantly experimenting with how to use the site to best meet my goals. Here’s some tips I have learned for how I share and promote content on Twitter.

7 Ways All B2B Marketers Should Be Using Social Media (But Probably Aren’t). The business marketer needs to build a deeper relationship with their prospect or buyer. Use this list to see if you are really a B2B social media pro, or if there are places where you need to invest more time and effort.

Poor customer service means more complaints on social media: study. The channels that customers are using to complain are changing too. While 41% of people will make a complaint by phone and 63% by email, 20% take to social media sites to have a good old moan to friends and family.

Where are the case studies that matter? There are learnings in every case, but most of the time those examples have one or a few things in common that make them difficult for me to use. I need other cases, other than the ones people keep sharing at the moment.

17 Excellent Social Media Marketing Infographics. The most read post from our own blog last week was a collection of social media infographics.

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