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9 Simple Formulas to Create Killer Headlines

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Social Media Weekend: Social SEO, Social Media Mistakes, Social Media Policies

What mistakes you need to avoid when executing your social media strategy? Steps you need to consider when developing your blog or any other content on your web properties. What will Twitter do with TweetDeck. You will find answers to these and other topics in this weeks digest.

6 Ways to Screw Up Your Social Media Strategy. We all make mistakes when we’re learning something new. That philosophy stands true for business people and school children alike. So what separates those who learn and succeed from those who learn and fail? Why, it’s the correction of one’s mistakes and seeking improvement, of course! Marketers and business owners are integrating social media as a new component in their marketing strategy every day. Are you making any of the following social media strategy faux pas?

Blog Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps to Social SEO Success. Based on the blog marketing we do here at Online Marketing Blog and in the consulting that I do, here are 7 practical steps online marketers can take for social media and SEO success with a blog. All marketing efforts should start with a goal and means for measuring success, so I do not get into specifics on those tasks in this list, but focus more on the content and promotion.

The Facebook Like Button, Dissected. Forget friendships — gaining approval by people online via the Like button is the new popularity gauge, leaving those with less likes than others feeling a bit inferior and even lost. And since Facebook, Bing and trends tell us we all need to be liked, the only cure for our complex is well, more likes.

Customer-centricity Begins with Creating a Culture of Change. Customer-centricity or getting closer to customers is often the focus of many executive meetings I attend these days. The question always arises, “how can we use new media to get closer to customers?” The answer is not, develop a social media strategy to start engaging with customers.

Create Social Media Policies or Trust the Community Manager? As the voice of your company and brand ambassador, how objective should a community manager be, and how carefully crafted must the messages on behalf of your company be across social networks? Is social media objectivity an oxymoron?

Twitter + Tweetdeck = Another splinter in the splinternet. Twitter has an open set of APIs, which has allowed a vibrant community of third-party applications to spring up, but also means that the Twitter experience (including how ads are displayed) is not the same for everyone. Now, I expect Twitter to start to offer a common experience on all these devices, combining the best features of the clients it has acquired.

Why Governments Have No Say Over The Internet. Like so many other areas, the internet disrupts monopolies. In the past, the newspapers had an almost total monopoly on news and the government had a total monopoly on representing the people. Now people themselves can be a provider of news, and the same is happening with Governments because the internet.

48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools. I have collected 48 free social media monitoring tools. In the Group A are the services that I use regularly or seem interesting to check out immediately. The Group B is an alphabetical list of tools for you to play with.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011

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