Daily Writing Habit!
daily writing habitOne of the most valuable habits you can have!

To help you get started we have created a 30-day email program that will help build your habit. Every day for the next 30 days we will send you a writing prompt. As this is a social media and content marketing site we’ll send you prompts about these topics. But occasionally we add some free writing and other stuff, too. Sign up for your 30-day writing challenge.

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  1. Γιάννης Κιάμος says:

    Social media is another way to communicate with your patient and needs the same effort and stability as well as with other dental ‘marketing’ ways. It ‘ has never been so easy on the other hand to do it, of course because of the NET!

  2. Will D. says:

    People hate going to the dentist because very often the experience is painful and the nurses and receptionists are very cold to people. For a dental practice, I would specifically focus on warm, inviting content and emphasize your people skills. That still won’t make people want to come to the dentist, but I think that gives them a little nudge.

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