Study: Students would have technology before people

girlfriend vs social mediaA study released by Twix, showed students would rather give up their significant other than technology when taking a study break.

This may seem shocking to some. I would argue that this is a very reasonable choice. This is not really people versus technology. Technology helps me to connect and interact with hundreds of people.

I would say that the question is really would you give up connecting to all of your friends or one of your friends. In this case isolating yourself from everybody in favor of one significant other would not seem as a good alternative.

Study shows that two thirds of students would choose a network over one node.

Melinda Messineo, associate professor of sociology at Ball State, said that social networking plays a part in results from this study.

Students can most likely stand not talking to one person, as long as they can maintain a connection with others through social networks.

Other findings from the study:

  • Two in five named the Internet/social media as the number one thing they couldn’t live without at college
  • Little more than half of their daily interactions (55 percent) are in-person.
  • Today 74 percent of students arrive at college more focused on getting a job after graduation than students 10 (58 percent), 20 (56 percent) and 30 (55 percent) years ago.
  • Current students are seven times more likely to reach for their computers (63 percent) than the remote (8 percent); 10 years ago they were twice as likely (54 percent; 28 percent).

On the other hand, when looking at picture I chose to illustrate this post, it also depends on the significant other. Image credit Alek von Felkerzam

Pete Kallas

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