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Top 10 Killer Secrets on Guest Blog Posting

These days it seems like more and more people have become involved with guest blogging. The main reason to create a guest post for a blog is generally promotional, though the exact nature of the promotion varies from person to person. There are 10 killer secrets that will help you get the most out of the blog posts you compose.


1. Communicate with Your Host

When drafting your post it’s easy to get so caught up in what you’re doing that you lose sight of the fact that this isn’t a solo effort. What you write directly impacts the blog’s host. Good communication helps ensure that the theme and tone of your post will match up with what the readers of the blog have come to expect. Good communication also decreases the chances of the deadline coming and going without a post.

2. Examine the Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guest poster on your best friend’s blog, or if you’re posting to a professional niche site, you need to set aside some time and examine the blog. Make sure the topic you plan on writing about isn’t something that’s already been posted several times. Learn the writing style that readers appreciate. Memorize the submission rules.

3. Track Your Post

Don’t make the mistake of creating a guest post and promptly forgetting about it. Frequently check back and gauge the success of your work. In addition to being able to use the information to determine how successful the guests posts you’ve created have been, and whether you should continue to use guest blog post as part of your article marketing, you’ll be able to respond to comments left on the post which increases the personal relationship you have with members of your niche market. Some blog writing services include tracking.

4. Be Flexible

Writing services have learned that what works for one niche market and one blog doesn’t always work when creating a guest post for another blog. Be flexible and learn to modify your writing style for every single blog you guest post on.

5. Have a Plan

When you decide to incorporate blog post through blog writing services into your marketing program, you need to create a plan. Sit down and decide which niche blogs appeal to your target market, and create a list of topics you want to write about. Once you have your lists, you’ll be ready to start writing.

6. Don’t Stress About Rejections

Just because you’ve created a post for a niche blog, it doesn’t mean the post will automatically be accepted. Every writer knows that rejections are a regular part of life. Instead of scrapping the post, look for a different home for it. Even if it’s not a good match for any niche blogs, you might be able to incorporate it into your website as part of the content.

7. Use Your Social Media

Thanks to social media outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook it’s easy to share the guests’ posts you’ve created with your fans. You need to do this. Not only does this promote your post, but it also promotes the blog. By creating an increase in the amount of traffic the blog receives, you increase the chances of them accepting your next guest post.

8. Create Great Titles

Titles create a foundation for your post. They need to be compelling, and they need to alert readers to the blog’s theme. The best titles combine the keywords and subject matter.

9. Work Your Way Up

Blogs with a huge following mean that lots of people will see your post. Your goal should be to have your posts appear on these blogs, but you can’t expect the hosts to instantly accept your work. Creating a portfolio and gaining some credibility as an expert in your field will increase the odds of your work getting accepted. Guest posting on smaller blogs will be a great way to build a portfolio and gather some followers of your own.

10. Don’t Expect Miracles

Just because you’ve created a guest post, you shouldn’t assume you’ll see an instant up swing in your sales. If you’ve done your homework and followed these steps, your blog post writing will be successful, but it’s going to take several high quality posts and time before you notice tangible results.

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