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top 10 social networking sites by market share of visits april 2013 300x416 Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [April 2013]
Here is fresh top 10 social networking sites’ market share data in US for the month of April 2013. It has some interesting changes. On the interactive chart below you can dig into what happened in April 2013.

Moving up

Youtube continues to go up to its highest level ever. Youtube has started to move up from November 2012. People are spending more and more time on the video sharing site bringing its market share of visits to 24.74 percent.

LinkedIn is another site that has reached its highest market share of visits. LinkedIn cracked the 1% barrier for the first time growing from low 0.63% in December 2012 to a record high 1.03 percent in March 2013. May is an active business month and that may help the business social network to grow its market share even more.

Tumblr continues its upward march achieving another highest market share of visits, reaching 0.52 percent in April 2013.

Pinterest is slightly up. It has moved from 1.14% in March to 1.17% in April. Looking at the numbers of the pinning site over the last few months seems to indicate that the numbers have been stabilizing.

Moving down

Facebook has given up some market share and fallen to its lowest numbers in almost 3 years. Facebook is still the dominant social networking site but the loss of 1.43% of market share means tens of millions of visits lost.

Twitter has been dropping like a stone lately. It has fallen to 1.60% of market share of visits. This is the lowest number in more than a year and the trend-line seems to point down.

It is hard to say what’s behind the declining numbers if the leading social networking sites. It seems that one factor that brings down the numbers is the fact that usage through mobile apps is not tracked. The other factor may be that the market is saturated and people are less active when using these sites. This does not mean that they stop using social networking sites but there’s less “excitement” that translates to less frequent usage.

However, the percentage of the market share held by the top 10 sites has also slightly declined, suggesting that people are using more niche social networking sites.

Instagram is moving up. Yahoo Answers continues up achieving the highest level in more than 3 years. Google+ is moving sideways.

Market Share of Visits [April 2013]:

  • Facebook 57.08% (-)
  • Youtube 24.73% (+)
  • Twitter 1.60% (-)
  • Pinterest 1.17% (+)
  • Yahoo! Answers 1.14% (+)
  • LinkedIn 1,03% (+)
  • Google+ 0,77% (-)
  • Tagged 0,51% ( )
  • Tumblr 0,52% (+)
  • Instagram 0,43% (+)

To put the percentages in perspective then the absolute number of visits of 1% of market share is approcimately 33.7 million visits.

About this chart

The chart below is in logarithmic scale so that the smaller sites wouldn’t just a single line around 1% of social network market share. Every month in the chart lists the top 10 sites of that time by the market share of visits. Please note that it is just a percentage and 30% in January 2011 is a lot less than 30% in December 2012. The gaps in the the lines mean that the site wasn’t in the top 10 at that time.

I used an interactive chart making software Tableau Public for this visualization. If you don’t see anything below please try reload. If all else fails then look at the image or download the chart in PDF format: Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits.

Posted on: May 15, 2013

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3 Responses

  1. Brittany May 17, 2013 1:01am

    Very interesting information. With the market constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of it!


  2. Darek May 19, 2013 1:01am

    MySpace has really dropped down in those 5 years, I remember when it used to be so popular and everyone was just using it.
    To be honest I was expecting twitter to be somewhere at the top like Facebook or YouTube but it seems really not so popular compared to other social networks.


  3. Business Pages May 21, 2013 8:08am

    Very interesting information about social networking includes charting and market shares.