Traditional Values Are Valuable to SEO and Online Marketing

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Just because we have switched to an explosive world of online marketing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and more, it does not mean our traditional values of communication should be forgotten. The opposite is the reality, and we should take advantage of that.

If you ever had any doubts about SEO (search engine optimization), this article is for you. By now, you should have heard, Google’s website was the first website to ever have over one billion (US billion) unique visitors in one month (May, 2011). It is not surprising Google’s website was the first site to reach such an astronomical figure. We are all getting online, and then we all use Google to search for what we are looking for. There is definitely no doubt the internet is being used like never before, and by more different kinds of people. Social networking, the foundation for social media marketing has opened the flood gates for a whole range of people getting online, that were not getting online before. Now, more than ever, our traditional communication values count.

Diversity of Users

Social networking has invigorated internet use by changing the nature of online communication. It is no longer online communication in the established sense. Now it is just another way we communicate, and the architectural dynamics available encourage more familiar relationships. The result is a personal and gregarious means of sharing with others. More people from every demographic in every society are getting in touch. The 65+ age group of any society have been known for their resistance towards internet use. In a few short years, with the help of online communication improvements mainly via applications and some device modifications, their internet user numbers are suddenly up by over 20%, and increasing.

Human Styled Online Relationships

In short, more people are getting online because of websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, CNN, Wikipedia, PayPal, FourSquare, Yahoo, and they are communicating live iChat, Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Aim, and QQ on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is all allowing for more flexible roaming human-like relationships, and they just make more sense. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many older people enjoying Facebook, and there wouldn’t be so many kids on Youtube demonstrating make-up and fashion tips. Google+ would not exist with so many users in such a short amount of time.

Traditional Still Counts

Now more than ever, every business can dramatically increase profits from owning a website, and every business needs to get their website right. No matter what business you are in, there are substantial numbers of your potential clients online. Marketing is still marketing, and for the first time, traditional fundamentals can be re-applied to online activities. We can get back to using traditional marketing concepts, and traditional relationship values to help us better understand how to approach online marketing. We can go as far as to say it is not the numbers and crunching of only a few years ago.

Human Approach

Everything that counts for personal relationship building has become important again. We are not just mass mailing to unknown recipients. We are not pushing out advertorials to push our products. We need to care about our clients. We need to show empathy with our suppliers, and most of all, we need to share that warm and fuzzy feeling.

When we keep these important values in mind, we can build relationships with those around us online. Just because we are not face-to-face with them (and we can do that with video calling too), it does not mean emotions are not attached to our communications. The social arena has brought back our human needs, and human empathy to online communications. We can make this the first rule of any online marketing strategy – perhaps we should call it friendship building instead of marketing.


This is a guest post by Sachin from Webprofits .

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