Using a Local Business Blog and Social Media Network to Transmit Content Online

Using a Local Business Blog and Social Media Network to Transmit Content OnlineContent is very important for local business websites. The content included within is what attracts potential leads, and hopefully converts them to paying customers at some point in the future. The more content the better. Having quality content is better yet. Content that helps you easily understand what the site is about and what the pages throughout the site are about makes people stick around longer and helps them easily navigate throughout the site.

Basically, for any local business website, content is important.

Though true, it’s equally important to use and transmit content you local business through other online marketing strategies, such as blogging and social media networks.

Another way many local business owners offer content to potential customers is though blogging. Blogs are a great way to update information on a weekly, daily, or some other consistent basis set up through your business. It helps keep content fresh, creating more and more pages and social signals as new comments and contents are posted. This is very helpful for your local business’s search engine optimization, and having a blog with quality content that is continually being distributed on a regular basis helps bring in more traffic and lead generation, as well. Plus, your blog is able to link to your website, thus directing traffic back to your ‘home base’.

The biggest issue for bloggers is having a routine.

A blog isn’t something that’s going to update itself with fresh content. You have to set aside a certain time and a regular schedule so that you can solely focus on the new content you’re creating and then posting to your blog. Statistics have shown that those local business owners who have a blog have more website visitors and generate more leads compared to those local business owners who don’t blog.

Using a Local Business Blog and Social Media Network to Transmit Content OnlineNot only are business owners doing marketing and offering content through blogs, but they are using social media as well. Social media networks continue to grow, and so many people use them making it rather simple for local business owners to get their business, content, and products out to the public. With Facebook, sharing content may inspire someone who sees your content to “like” it, thus allowing all of that person’s friends to see the content he or she “liked.” It also provides everyone else a link to what that person “liked” so they can learn more about it from your local business Facebook page. This is how a viral effect is born, and the same think can happen on Twitter and other social media networks.

On your local business website, you’re able to add social buttons, plug-ins, or widgets that will direct viewers on your site to your social media networking site, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on. It will also allow people to share your site on other social networking sites, as well.

When it comes to social media networks and blogs, it definitely can’t hurt a business to add these tools to their content marketing arsenals, and in fact, it could indeed hurt them if they don’t, because you can bet your competitors are out there blogging and using social media to boost their business and lead generation efforts.

For more information about this topic, refer to “25 Website ‘Must Haves’ of a Great Business Website” from HubSpot.


Chris Marentis founder and CEO of Surefire Social, is a recognized expert in the field of local business internet marketing.

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  1. Adam says:

    The Social Media Is Key to Success it help in Business
    How can I improve My Website & business I want procedure
    make easy

  2. It’s not just for local businesses, it’s for ever profit-seeking entity out there… Content is ALWAYS the king. Even if you’ve enough resources to channelize into digital media marketing, but your website content isn’t up to the mark, your efforts will never be able to make an impact. If only your content is straight, simple, meaningful, you can be rest assured that it will be able to reach out to people and drive them towards your digital media channels. And then if your website has a blog, you have to a bit more careful. You must keep it fresh and interesting, always!

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