How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Brand?


Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows you to collect and display the images you find on the web. You can find boards from other people to discover new things and get inspiration. You can find ideas to plan a vacation, decorate your home or share your favourite fashion items.

Pinterest is really visual. If you find something that pleases the eye then you would like to pin it on Pinterest. This means that the most active categories on the site tend to be interior design, travel destinations, hobbies, fashion, food, etc.

When you open up the home page of the site you will see images of resorts, shoes, pies, furniture, and so forth. But not only. When you take a look at the categories list, you can see that there are in total 34 different categories.

pinterest-categoriesPinterest categories

Let’s take a look at 14 marketing tactics for Pinterest.

1. Define Your Target Audience


Pinterest has over 100 million active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. It has both female and male members, and the age rangers from teenagers to elders.

In Pinterest, you can find people with various interests and hobbies. No matter whether your company is selling fishing tackles, language courses or even web analytics services, it is very likely that your audience is on Pinterest. However, in order to reach more audience, you need to define who are your customers and what do they like? How do they spend their free time? What are their needs and desires? Having a clearly defined target group helps you to be aware of your customers preferences when tailoring the posts. Therefore, attracting more people to like your pins.

pinterest-infographic-marketing-2Eventhough, people love to pin “chicken” and “chocolate” the most, there are people with wide range of interests. Most likely, your company can have a place on Pinterest too, just try to find a right angle to market it. 

2. Create Pinterest Boards

In Pinterest you can make various types of boards. Organise your boards according to the customers’ interests. In case you are selling furniture, categorise your boards according to your products. For example, if you sell beautiful vintage sofas, make a board named “Vintage Sofas”. If you also sell dinner tables, make a board called “Family Dinner Tables”. In case you also have Swedish-styled kitchen furniture, make a board “Swedish Kitchen Decor”, and so on. This will help your customers to find the boards that really interests them and not see the pins they don’t care about.
Furthermore, make sure your board names are clear and description is catchy and to the point.

horchow-pinterest-marketingHorchow has managed to make a beautiful Pinterest board, categorising all of their products into certain themes. 

3.  Create Pinnable Content

When creating content think really hard about the images you use. Are they pinnable? It is important to create visually attractive pins. Use high-quality pictures. Make sure your content is inspirational or informative. Use as little text as possible, make sure you use a nice font and colour. Keep in mind to use 735×1102 px for the image size.

pinterest-infographic-marketing-3Make sure all of your pins are helpful, beautiful and actionable 

4. Promote a Lifestyle

Promote a lifestyle that your brand enables. The most popular boards on Pinterest are lifestyle-related. Especially boards about fashion, food and home decor have the most followers. Give people ideas and inspire them. This will lead to sharing your content with friends and family.

urban-outfitters-pinterestUrban Outfitters have created boards on their Pinterest, where you can follow different styles. The above is Bohemian style, but they also have Vintage, Tomboy, etc boards 

5. Pin Content from Others

Don’t pin just your own content. Create relationships by repinning images from other users and give value to your own followers by helping them discover new things. Urban Outfitters repins images regularly from other boards. (See the example above.) They have repinned Bohemian style inspiration that they have found on Pinterest and posted it on their board for inspiration.

6. Optimize Your Description

Try to use around 3oo characters in your description, or less. In order to be more visible on Pinterest and get more repins, you need to choose the right keywords and hashtags in your pin descriptions. Using the keywords and hashtags increases the chances for your pin to appear on the search results, when someone is looking for this specific search term.

pinterest-infographic-marketing-4Use these 5 tips to make your description optimized for Pinterest

If you don’t know what kind of keywords to use, you can look for guidance in the Guided Search. (Guided Search on Pinterest appears just below the search bar.) This way you can find out what kind of keywords to type, in order to attract more audience.

guided-search-pinterestGuided Search appears below the search bar

7. Share Great Content

Share great content from others. If you find a great content that you can’t repost to your site then use Pinterest to get it to your audience. For example, we pin interesting social media & content marketing news and infographics in our pinboard.


8. Run a Contest

It’s always a good idea to run a contest where you let people pin your product images or take pictures of themselves using you brand. Or you can create a pin-it-to-win-it contest, where people just have to re-pin your post. This way you can build stronger user-engagement and gain more follower, or perhaps even new customers.

pinterest-contest-examplePin-it-to-win-it contest example

9. Make a Blog

If you don’t already have a blog then make one. Having a blog is a great way to educate your customer and build trust. If you have your blog posts pinned on Pinterest board, there is a high possibility that people, who click on the pin will also visit your blog to read more.

10. Pin First, Tweet Later

Pin first, tweet later. If you find something visual that you would usually tweet about, such as infographic, then pin it to Pinterest first and then tweet about the pin.

11. Use Promoted Pins

Promoted pins help you to be seen by more people. You can use promoted pins to raise your brand awareness, to engage more people or drive more traffic to your website. Keep in mind: promoted pins are only available for USA and UK based business.

pinterest-infographic-marketing-5Besides Promoted Pins, you can also use Rich Pins and Buyable Pins for your Pinterest marketing 

12. Use “Pin It Button”

The more high-quality visual content you have on your website, the higher are the changes that people will pin your posts. So if you have anything visual to share use it!

13. “Follow Me on Pinterest” Button


Add a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your web site. For example, Create A Shoppe has put a follow button on their website.

14. Pin on the Right Time

It has been identified that the best time to post on Pinterest is on Saturdays at 8-11pm, and the preferred topic is travelling. Fitness posts are popular on Mondays, and quotes are most popular on Wednesdays.

pinterest-infographic-marketing-6The worst time to post on Pinterest is during the work hours

Now go for a test drive with Pinterest. Let us know in the comments what ideas do you have about using Pinterest for marketing your brand.

Infographic: CoSchedule

Photo Credit: Visual Hunt

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Priit Kallas

Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp, a leading traffic and conversion event.

21 Responses

  1. Mar says:

    Pinterest users are primarily drawn to the network for four obvious reasons: 1. It’s a place to make a statement about what inspires, motivates and guides the user. 2. It’s a good list reference tool for cataloging photos, products, quotations and resources useful to the user. 3. Eye appeal. Who can resist eye candy. 4. It’s an alternative environment that make products lists more acceptable in a social networks that was once a mix of personal dialog and photos.

    In addition to the above I find the Pinterest environment conducive to quickly drawing like-minded users together not unlike those who frequent craft fairs, conventions and product showcases. I find the like, share and comment excercise a powerful medium for making meaningful connections. For example, In our latest wedding planning book we feature an activity for the bride and groom that’s called “A Few of Our Favorite Things”. The activity involves listing only the interests the couple share in common. As time goes by that list gets longer as they bond closer having enjoyed sharing their mutual interests together.

    That said, Pinterest is the ideal venue for finding common interests among millions of users. As an event planning resource for reunions weddings and graduations it helps me showcase our latest printable invitations, flyers and event planning books. But I prefer to showcase without the price tag for very specific reasons. Users often find themselves focused on the image , it’s source and the profile of the one who pinned it.

    It’s important to pin a product in such a way that users are prompted to like it, comment on it and share and pin it. Putting a price tag on it says. “I Want You To Buy This”, a real turn off for anyone whose surfing for eye candy. All things considered, it’s probably most effective to have a product pinned by popular social personality or celebrity who has something intriguing to say about his/herself in connection to the showcased product.

    DIY crafts and books are becoming popular on Pinterest. This indicates that users are doing more than searching for eye candy. That said, a products best source link is a “How To” article or blog. I like to add DIY event planning books on my pin boards. I’ve learned that readers do well to link to the book’s review pages and and authors of books should consider pinning from their authors profile.

    • Thank you very much, Mar, for your insightful comment. I really share your idea about not putting the price on pin as this seems overly promotional.

  2. Mary says:

    The very first image I posted to Pinterest got a lot of traffic for me– got me hooked on it.

  3. How do I join?
    Thanks, Glenn

    • Hi Glenn, give me your email and I’ll send you an invite. The alternative is to request one from visiting Pinterest but i don’t know how fast that process is…

  4. Brad says:

    We have started doing product and company highlights and posting them on pinterest. Two days in a nd it is driving traffic. we are a b2b

  5. Edithchick says:

    If you read Pinterests ‘rules’ : you are not meant to put your own work/products on there or ‘market’ yourself. It’s all too lovely. Are you?

    • Quote from Pinterest’s etiquette guideline: “Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love. If there is a photo or project you’re proud of, pin away! However, try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion.” I’d interpret that as you should not ONLY post promotional material but it doesn’t say anywhere that posting promotional material is not allowed. You shouldn’t spam Pinterest with too much content but that goes with any marketing channel really. If you stick to posting promotional material that is valuable for others, by all means, do it 🙂 That’s my 2c.

  6. Thanks for the info. Please keep me informed of any updates or other info not related to pinterest. Thanks Gary

  7. Just joined pinterest and seemed to take forever to get the official invite. I think it is an excellent resource on a variety of levels and key topics. Recently had to totally delete my facebook and business fan page and start all over with better focus and content. Pinterest is a major part of that focus and content.

    PS If this shows up twice sorry – Didn’t see my post so not sure if it posted :-/

  8. What are your thoughts regarding Pinterest for B2B?

  9. Leon Cho says:

    According to a Shareaholic study, Pinterest is now driving more referral traffic to other sites than Google+, YouTube, and Linkedin combined. It’s working for many brands, products, and services already.

    It’s also great to see specific marketing tactics in your article as they really do need to be different than those used on other social networks in order to take advantage of the unique demographics, visual power, and aspirational lifestyles on Pinterest. I’ve got some specific pin selection and copy tips on at

    Pinterest Marketing Bible
    Available for Kindle, Nook, Print

  10. Sam says:

    Time will tell how it benefits the bottom line for brands but it looks good so far. I run a travel site and rather than just re-pinning nice pictures like alot of other brands using it, we have decided to use Pinterest solely as an adventure holiday shop window, each board categorised around the themes of the trips we aggregate on Much Better Adventures. Every picture is a trip that can be booked direct and is priced and linked. Here is our board: if you’d like to use it as another good example of how Pinterest works well for the travel industry. Cheers! Sam

  11. Ryan Hanley says:

    I started using Pinterest about two weeks ago. What I decided to do was create a social media recap type product I call – The Content Creation Curation… A visual representation of the week that way in social media blog articles…

    I think the grouping and easy sharing make the social network a great resource.

    Thanks for a fantastic article.

    Ryan H

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