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Engaging with social networks can be a challenge for anyone working in the online sector, but with a structured approach centered on ten simple and usable principles you can be a more active part of the social networking community.

Open-Door Marketing

Thinking of social media as a traditional market is an easy mistake to make.  The kind of promotion-heavy marketing that dominates television and print media is just less effective online, and especially when you’re just stepping into the arena it pays to be inviting rather than pushy.

Be wary about leaning too hard on fans and followers.  When you acquire a new one, don’t bombard them with media.  All you can do is make your product and its presentation inherently appealing and wait for organic networking to do the rest.

Avoid the Soapbox

Conversation is the name of the game in social media.  You should remember that you’re not the town crier, and that letting others engage in the dialog about your product or service is a big part of getting your audience engaged.  Avoid the “soapbox effect” and let others do the talking or you’re not taking advantage of social media’s strengths!

Content Is Still King

Your product might be great, but without solid content surrounding it that’s just another advantage staying unexploited.  Staying on top of the market with quality content in the form of e-print (tweets, blogs, Facebook updates) and visual new media (webinars, instructional videos, etc) is a key part of any marketing campaign.

Engage Honestly

Staying open with your followers/fans/what have you is one of the best ways to build consumer trust.  Maintain an open line of communication between yourself and your fans, and don’t be afraid to come off as personable rather than businesslike.

Prioritize Network Presence

Building an active presence on every major social networking site is not only time-intensive, it’s redundant.  Your fans don’t want to see the same content reflected across multiple platforms, so choosing the platform best suited to your target audience’s needs and get to work on making your presence as unique and welcoming as it can be.

Spend Time, Make Money

Approaching social networking with the goal of being as helpful and attentive to your clients as you can is a great way to start establishing your credibility.  Letting clients/fans into the game is a natural extension of this principle, and their involvement will not only deepen their investment in your brand, it’ll help them pull new people in as fans.  Social Media’s real strength is that it’s run by its users!

Don’t Blow it Out of Proportion

Social media marketing is just another way to engage in commerce, branding, and community engagement.  It shouldn’t be thought of as a magical elixir for all your brand’s concerns, and it shouldn’t be the only sort of online advertising you engage in. Email and search engine results pages are prominent online advertising sectors, and you can’t really afford to ignore them.

The Social Media Approach

Really getting into the medium requires immersive thinking.  Understanding how to work within the social media marketing realm isn’t enough; you have to really “get” why it’s important, why so many people use it so regularly, etc.

Present an Identity

A personal touch is always welcome. People have a harder time forming connections to a product or service than they do to a person, and having a name and face for your online presence can be hugely beneficial to your relations with clients.

Get Your Hands Dirty

The guidebooks for social media marketing haven’t really been written yet.  Experimenting thoughtfully but without fear of being wrong is a crucial component of growing the sector and establishing your own presence inside it.  Nobody ever got to the top by doing what the last guy did once the luster had worn off.


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