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17 Great Airline Facebook Page Examples

Home / Social Media Marketing / 17 Great Airline Facebook Page Examples
airline facebook page examples

17 Great Airline Facebook Page Examples

Home / Social Media Marketing / 17 Great Airline Facebook Page Examples
airline facebook page examples
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I have collected some examples of airline Facebook pages and brought out some unique applications that they have. The key takeaway, sadly, they could do it much better.

The disaster that are airline Facebook pages

I’m sorry about the click-baity headline of this post.

The Facebook pages of most large airlines are a disaster. These are the companies that should excel at customer interaction. Or so one would hope. I will not point the finger at any specific company, but even the best examples here have something broken on their Facebook page.

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1. KLM Airlines

KLM stands out with the actual booking engine on their Facebook page. As a true airline, they have a flight status monitor on their page. These two apps make the KLM Facebook page the most airline Facebook page of the current selection. I tried to find a flight that would not be delayed but gave up after 4 tries.

klm royal dutch airlines facebook page

2. Nordica

Nordica is an Estonian airline. Very active on Facebook. Special feature on the page is newsletter signup. Events like mother’s day, Eurovision, and others get covered alongside with current offers. This Facebook page Looks really professionally designed.

nordica facebook page

3. Finnair

One of the best airline Facebook pages belongs to Finnish national airline. They have useful apps that include customer service with specific sections, frequently asked questions, booking flights, and their loyalty program

finnaiar facebook page

4. American Airlines Facebook Page

American Airlines has a solid presence on Facebook. They have added the Instagram app and post videos regularly. A nice touch is that American features their employees on the Facebook cover image.

american airlines facebook page

5. Delta Airlines

Delta uses cover images from their clients during the flight as cover for their Facebook page. Those images get hundreds, sometimes thousands of reactions and thus elevate their visibility. Included on Facebook is their Instagram feed. They have also added a location app to their page. Delta has reviews enabled, which is a gutsy move for an airline.

delta airlines facebook page

6. Southwest Airlines Facebook Page

Southwest Airlines has a lot going on. They have added various apps to the page. You can find career opportunities, Instagram feed, and social responsibility projects on their Facebook page.

southwest airlines facebook page

7. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines features their planes with awesome animal pictures on their cover image and newsfeed. Job listings, Instagram, Youtube feed and Twitter, can be accessed directly from Facebook.

frontier airlines facebook page

8. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has really well-designed cover images. They have a very active newsfeed and also post a lot of video material.

malaysia airlines facebook page

9. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Facebook page has an active newsfeed with most post getting a lot of attention. They are running their Facebook page without any additional apps.

singapore airlines facebook page

10. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Facebook page is active, and there are posts usually several times a day. Their videos regularly get thousands of views. In addition to standard Facebook features Alaska has used an Instagram app.

alaska airlines facebook page

11. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has a visually appealing design, and they are not using planes on every cover image. That is a welcome relief. Hawaiian has implemented an interesting image app that brings together images from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

hawaiian airlines facebook page

12. Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines Facebook page has a newsletter signup section. A great feature separating them from others is the “Very responsive to messages” badge.

austrian airlines facebook page

13. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has a really impressive business class photo as a cover. Yes, most will never be in that part of the plane, but the dream is there. They have added locations app, Instagram, and a loyalty program to their Facebook page.

virgin australia facebook page

14. Lufthansa

The German airline has implemented an Instagram feed and promotes the destinations of their flights.

lufthansa facebook page

15. Air France

Air France uses a visually appealing cover image selection that is more than just planes. As a standard for airlines, they have a page for Instagram feed.

air france facebook page

16. Emirates Airlines

Emirates stands out with the most page apps. There’s a page for customer service. But most of these apps are just links to other locations and have no direct value being on the Facebook.

emirates facebook page

17. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Facebook page is an interesting page that includes subpages with feeds from other social networking sites: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram. They also have check-in on their Facebook page. Offers by country, and other material.

Qatar Airways facebook page

Facebook engagement

Most of these pages have millions of likes, and the engagement numbers are abysmal.

Most airlines wasted their opportunity to engage fans with the overall excitement of flying and the exotic destinations, and engagement is disappointing.

No imagination whatsoever.

Broken stuff on Facebook pages

Subpages that are from the time when the landing pages were just 500 pixels or so wide. Pages that do not display any information. Check-in pages that are not available. Sweepstakes and contests that ended years ago.

I mean… is anybody at the wheel?

The lack of ideas

Flying and destinations are an endless source of exciting content that airlines can harness for Facebook marketing. Sweepstakes and contests would increase the reach to hundreds of thousands and millions with very low budgets.

When I first wrote this post in 2012, there was this brave new world feeling about Facebook marketing. Airlines had online stores and check-ins and loyalty programs all implemented into their Facebook pages.

I know that Facebook has practically killed organic reach since then, but this is not an excuse to create brain-dead content and keep old broken stuff on your pages.

If you have check-in on your Facebook page, I expect to use it and if it does not work I think less of your brand.

What you can learn from this?

You don't need a billion dollar company to do great Facebook marketing. You need

  • a bit of an effort
  • consistency
  • and some ideas that don't even have to be very good.

Fix the broken stuff it takes just a few clicks to remove those items.

This way you can be better at Facebook than global mega-brands!

To make up a bit for the airlines Facebook pages here's 26 Great Facebook Landing Page Examples and how to set up sub pages.

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