20 Hidden Selling Tips That Make Your Customers Spend More

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The main goal of our marketing efforts is to make people do what we want them to do. In business this often means to make people buy or contact you. There are many techniques that help you open the valets of your potential customers.

Take a look at these 20 hidden selling tips designed to make you spend more, and find ways to use them in your online campaigns.

Online and Offline Selling Tips

  1. Buy today, save tomorrow
    Give your buyers store credit if the purchase is larger than a certain amount. Buy more than X dollars and get Y percent of your next purchase. Create a loyalty program that adds money to clients account with every purchase. You can implement loyalty programs with your ecommerce site with Woocommerce, Magento and other tools.
  2. Removing dollar signs
    The less people think about money the more willingly they’ll spend it. In restaurant menus you can see that sometimes the currency symbols are omitted. Another thing they do is use exact amounts for prices. 19 or 7 work better in this context than 18.99 and 6.95. Be sure to experiment with prices as you can reap huge rewards with this. Read more about Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From.
  3. 10 for $10
    This is not just a special for an item that is priced at $1 each. The goal of this is to anchor in buyer’s mind how much they should buy. Anchors are very effective tools and people have almost no protection against them.
  4. Freebies
    Free is a magic bullet in sales and marketing. It works on everybody. But free does not mean you have to give away half the kingdom. Everything that matches your product or service but is not too expensive works well.In a classic psychology experiment people were offered two types of candy. In the experiment the quality candy cost 15 cents and the not so good looking other candy cost 1 cent. Most people chose to buy the more expensive quality candy. But when the price of both candies was lowered 1 cent, making the less attractive option free, then most people in the experiment chose the free option.
  5. Per-customer limits
    “70% off! 5 units per customer limit” This works similarly to the 10 for $10 technique. You let people know that the offer is so good that they should consider getting more than they usually buy. The number where you set the limit is the anchor that fixes a certain point in customer’s mind as a reference point. Make that number higher than the usual number that people buy.
  6. Limited time only
    Limited time offers specially when combined with steep discounts will create an urgency in buyers mind. They will feel that they might be missing out on something good. This sales technique will help you make your potential customers decide faster and make a purchase earlier. The length of time you set for the limit should be less than the average sales cycle for that item.
  7. Prices ending in 99
    Pricing items slightly below the next round number so that the price seems to be a lot lower than it really is. Research has shown time and again that this tactic works. We know it’s a trick but it still works. Another thing to consider in this case is that when you show discounts then make them out to be slightly above the round numbers. Here’s an example how to put it al together: You sell a computer with list price of 500 dollars. Price it at $499 (or 497 to confuse buyers even more). Now, when you are going to discount the computer use a discount like $102 ($100 is OK but don’t use $99 as a discount). You can also show the original price as $500. So, discounted from $500 to 397 works a lot better than 499 to 399.
  8. Important stuff in the middle
  9. Coupons
  10. Colors
  11. Exceptional service
  12. Accepting credit cards
  13. Samples
  14. Creative packaging
  15. Overpriced sale items
  16. Complete packages

Offline Selling Tips

  1. Grocery store smells
    If you are selling food items make the delicious smells work their magic on buyers willpower by putting certain items in the front of the store.
  2. Placing popular items at the back
    Put the items that people need or are interested in at the back of the store. This also works in emails and websites as you can put sales copy in front of the valuable material people are looking for (also use entry popups and welcome mats).
  3. Store cards
  4. Eye level placement

Check out the details of each technique here 20 Hidden Marketing Techniques That Make Consumers Spend More.

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