3 Greatest Free SEO Tools That You Can Get Your Hands On

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3 Greatest Free SEO Tools That You Can Get Your Hands OnLet’s admit it; free SEO tools are extremely hard to find and if you do find them they’re usually good for nothing. Search engine optimization is imperative for the visibility of your website and web masters are willing to spend money for them. This is why hundreds of SEO companies are cocooning each day and charge you thousands of dollars for their services – it’s worth mentioning that a lot of them only deliver run of the mill results but nothing that really stands out.

The good news, however, is that you can find free SEO tools if you know where to look! You can find 3 great SEO tools that are absolutely free and if you know how to make the right use of them, they can prove to be one of the greatest investments to your website.

1. Google AdWords Search Tool

3 Greatest Free SEO Tools That You Can Get Your Hands OnUsing the right keywords for your website is extremely important but stay away from bogus websites that will charge you hundreds of dollars to use the keyword tool. Most of these websites produce substandard results for a premium price and really isn’t worth considering.

The best keyword tool to find the right keyword is nothing other than Google AdWords Search Tool. Choosing the right keywords for your business is extremely important. If you stick to the wrong one, you will end up spending months on trying hard to generate traffic. Even several months worth hard work may not generate the anticipated results and this can be a frustrating experience for entrepreneurs.

Do you think there will be someone knowing better about keywords other than the leading search engine in the world – Google? Google have access to what people are searching every day and this information is carefully used to develop their search tool.

Using Google’s SEO Tools – Tips To Follow

If you don’t have a Google account you should create one as a Google account is mandatory for almost every Google application. Once you sign in to the AdWords Page with your Google account, you will get access to the keyword research tool.

The keyword research tool provided information such as how many people are searching each term, average CPC and competition. The competition doesn’t mean how many websites are using the keyword but it suggests how many advertisers are paying money to advertise on these keywords.

Interestingly, this usually results in a correlation as webmasters are more interested in building advertisements for pages that have high advertiser spending.

Usually heavy competition means greater opportunities and exploring the same will help you to build a spectacle position for your business.

2. WordPress Split Test

3 Greatest Free SEO Tools That You Can Get Your Hands OnIt doesn’t matter how much SEO tutorials you go through each day, you’re not going to make the most out of it as long as you’re not experimenting with the strategies in your website.

The biggest learning platform for any webmaster is their experience and nothing can beat your knowledge gained from testing.

If you look at the history of advertising, you can see that the advertisers of ancient era [Egypt] used to test their advertisements from time to time to evaluate the results they’re creating and the strategy helped them to come up with advanced revenue generation options.

How WordPress Split Test Works and What Are The Benefits?

Split testing is done with the help of a specialized WordPress tool and what you basically do is splitting your traffic to two different versions of the website. One version consists of the updated version of SEO or other features that you want to test.

Each part will be insisting the visitors to take action and you will be checking which part generates better results. There are many examples for this and some of them are:

  • Internal Links – Internal links can redirect viewers to other pages of your website, or ask them to sign up for newsletters and RSS fields.
  • Layout Experiments – Viewers are comfortable with certain layouts and they want to stay longer in your site with the right ones but have you find which layout attracts the most visitors? By testing different ones of them!
  • Ad Testing – There is no better way to know the results of  blog advertisements without testing different patterns.

Many webmasters, usually the inexperienced ones, think that they don’t need any split testing but I beg to differ, I don’t see any other way to figure out this.

The results you may have to be split testing may not be substantial but the correct usage of such data will only lead to gaining positive information.

Believe it or not, even a minor improvement that may have only to 1% change on your website can eventually result in amazing outcomes.

3. We Are Here For A Reason

3 Greatest Free SEO Tools That You Can Get Your Hands OnIf our future generation thinks that Google invented web searching, we can’t blame them because it’s the kind of influence that Google has on the Internet. There were times when Internet users used to keep thousands of bookmarks but today, you need to keep bookmarks only for pages that you want to visit often.

Even the process of search engine optimization exists today because Google invented advanced search engine spiders to make Internet search and affect the process. With SEO, we are convincing these spiders that our website can provide the information they’re looking for.

Use Google regularly to find your website and this will definitely give you an SEO advantage in the long run.

Google analytics is an excellent tool in getting keyword ideas and suggestions but do not blindly follow it; use Google search to find more relevant information.

Google’s ‘guessing’ on keywords is extremely inefficient as it provides comprehensive data on the related searches and you can find out [eventually] why some visitors chose your website over the competition and vice versa.

Google is the biggest search engine and the SEO tools provided by them are highly efficient so make use of them as often as possible to get the best results.




Mitz Pantic build websites that make money online and SEO is a big part her website success. You can grab a free report about the SEO Strategies she uses to get free traffic by ranking high in the search engines.

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