3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus… these are social platforms we’re accustomed to seeing in our day to day lives. We’re even familiar now with seeing the Facebook and Twitter logos on TV and on billboards. These social platforms are everywhere.

It seems every single business has a Facebook presence and Twitter account, so it’s little wonder that you feel your business ought to as well. But stop for a second. Before you allocate resources and cash to building up a Facebook presence, ask yourself the following three questions.

1.    What are my objectives with social media?

What do you actually want to achieve? Is it visits to your website? Conversions to sale? Assisted conversions?  Mentions of your brand on the internet as a whole?

Whatever it is, you have to identify it at the outset otherwise risking your social media campaign becoming nothing more than pointless updates and the building of an unengaged audience.

2.    Can I measure the results my social media?

There’s little point in objectives if you cannot measure your progress towards meeting them. If your objective is traffic to the site, make sure you have appropriate tracking in place. If it’s sales through the site directly from social or assisted by social, you’ll need to ensure tracking is in place again. In both of these instances, Google Analytics (which is free!) will do the job. In terms of tracking social mentions, I personally recommend (as two other free options) www.whostalking.com and www.socialmention.com.

3.    Which Social Platforms is my Audience On?

With almost one in 8 people on the planet on Facebook, it’s a fair assumption that your audience may well be there too. But don’t take it for granted. Carry out research into the demographics on various platforms and consider the products and services you offer. For example, if you’re a business to business company and you are seeking to make social contacts from businesses, LinkedIn might be a better bet.

Don’t just consider the demographics alone, but also the habits of the users on those platforms. What do they share? What do they want from you on these platforms? If possible, survey your existing client set and ask them what would incentivise them to follow you and engage with you on social media.

Social media marketing still has something of a ‘buzzword’ feeling to it in many respects. Yes, it’s an established and necessary part of an integrated digital marketing campaign. But there are so many businesses starting campaigns without treating it like a marketing activity. And ultimately, if you are going to invest time and money into social media, you need to know what the return will be.


This is a guest post from Mark Cavanagh, a copywriter who writes on a multitude of topics including social media and sport.’

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2 Responses

  1. Barbara McKinney says:

    Before starting a social media campaign,we must put in mind that Social networking success requires time and patience.Even the best business ideas need to be nurtured and supported through success. Putting a presence on Facebook doesn’t mean your job is done. It’s only begun. You have to keep their attention. Fresh, relevant and original content must be constantly streamed to them. Promotions, intriguing announcements and information used to keep them interested and forwarding your material. And, most importantly, in the end realizing the success of your social media campaign is driving business and revenues up.

  2. Craig Desmarais says:

    Yes, this is so true. We are moving to an age of social media where we do not need to be on all platforms but just the ones that benefit our target audience the most.

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