3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Automate Social Media

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Many companies have turned to automating their social media efforts. These companies know that having a social media presence is important to the success of their business and they know they can reach a larger audience by having social media accounts. But these companies may be too busy to focus solely on social media—or they simply don’t give it enough credit—so they automate it.

The problem with automation is that your company isn’t using social media effectively, and you could be losing out on a great deal of customers.  The following are three reasons you shouldn’t automate your social media.

1. Successful social media involves engagement.

No company has ever relied on only automation for their social media accounts and have been successful. Having a social media account is not just for you to have another way to spread your message. Instead, it’s meant for you to really get to know your customers and learn what they want from you.

Since social media is so popular, many customers are using it as a way of getting answers. Rather than visiting a store’s website, calling a customer service line or even physically going to the store, they will ask a question via social media. If you rely on automation, their questions will never get answered, and this will upset them.
If you use social media to push out information but don’t involve yourself in conversations, you’re not going to see much success, and your customers will start to see your posts simply as spam. If you don’t engage, you could end up losing customers.

2. Your customers want to talk to real people.

While automation can help your business in many ways, it can also hurt you. Your customers don’t want to talk to a computer—they want to talk to a real person. Having a conversation with a computer can be tiresome. Think about how many times you’ve ever been on the phone with an automated menu. How frustrated do you get when you have to press 900 different buttons just to talk to someone? That’s how your customers will feel if you’re always automating your social media.

3. You’ll miss out on important events.

There is no way that your company can have a good grasp on current events by scheduling all of your posts and tweets weeks or months in advance. A great way to engage your customers is to involve yourself in popular topics. Comment on a recent news article or use popular hashtags. If you automate your messages, you won’t be able to use current events as a way to engage your customers, and your posts won’t show up in popular threads. While current events may not always have something to do with your business, sharing your thoughts is one way to get people to check out your company.

Using automation isn’t always a  bad thing, as long as it’s used in moderation. If you want to have a social media presence for your business, you need to have a real person in charge of your accounts. This will ensure that your business is always engaging, and it will make your customers more comfortable with your company.


Charlie Adams is a tech guru and social media expert living in the Las Vegas area. When he writes he wants to be sure that all his work is clear and professional so he often utilizes a grammar checker. Remembering grammar rules isn’t always easy so he is happy to let a machine do the work for him.

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