3 ways to utilise LinkedIn for effective B2B marketing

With more than 100 million users on LinkedIn, the site is regarded as the #1 social network to target when doing business.  While the general public has a good sense of how to use the site to showcase their resumes and connect with recruiters, insights into how brands can best use LinkedIn for B2B marketing are harder to find.  Yet B2B connections are happening on the site every day.  A study by B2B Magazine found that 72% of marketers surveyed are using LinkedIn for lead generation.  So what can you do to get started today?

Maximize the real estate of individual employees and company pages

It’s really important to have complete profile pages for executive management, as well as any outward facing employees (such as sales).  The more information that can be included, such as past histories, a powerful headline and summary, recommendations, and more helps demonstrate that the leaders of your firm are qualified, trustworthy, and at the top of your field.  Spend some time defining what qualities it’s important for the company, as well as each individual to convey and stress those points.  Consider a group critique session to look at ways to improve individual profiles.

Your company page is essential on LinkedIn and should include a compelling description of what you do.  Ensure that all key employees are linked to the page, so that it’s easy to follow the trail.  Connect your blog to your company page, so that your latest thought leadership can be seen there.  Finally, utilize features such as the Product and Service Spotlight Function to highlight your individual offerings.

On both your company and personal pages, ensure that your target keywords have been used sufficiently for you to rise to the top of the search for your target keywords – in other words, make sure you have good SEO. Ensuring that these foundational pieces are in place will set you up for a better return on investment of other efforts down the line.

Build your expert status – strategically

Spend some time identifying the top groups in your field, and join them.  Observe and get a feel for the kinds of conversations that work well there.  Then begin to jump in where you can really offer value and capture people’s interest.  Another great place to contribute is the Q&A section.  The idea here is to build name recognition, without obvious pitching or blatant self-promotion.

Many of these groups have populations that are very active or have been part of the community for a long time. Ensure that you understand the group’s internal ecosystem, that you focus on creating (versus extracting) value, and that you show up often enough to build recognition.  Other ways to use these groups effectively including asking really smart questions, and sharing content that you think would be of interest to the community.  When sharing content, think selectively of articles in big publications and high value white papers, rather than every single blog post that you write.

Consider Paid Options

LinkedIn offers a paid advertising platform that allows you to create short, targeted ads that link back to personal profiles and company pages.  You can select the creative, including images and headlines.  You can narrow the selection of who will see it by keywords, titles, geographies, and more.  This can be an effective way to increase awareness of your company, once you’ve established a solid presence as discussed in points 1 and 2, and extend the reach of your efforts on LinkedIn beyond your own network.


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Author Bio: Elizabeth Hooper contributes on behalf of Broadband Genie, the social shopping site for broadband and mobile broadband

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    Thanks for your post Elizabeth – some really excellent advice – it’s great of you to note that those who represent your brand or business should have updated profiles because essentially a business is as good as those who it is made from. I also totally agree that sharing information and articles should add value, as opposed to be unnecessary spam. I’ve written a post showing 7 easy ways to build brand awareness with similar ideas that may be of interest to you http://379.at/vtg5

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