4 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image on Social Media

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4 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image on Social MediaEveryone involved in social media marketing, or any marketing for that matter, will tell you just how important branding is. We get asked about it in our social media forum all the time! Branding makes you memorable. Let’s think about it logically. The biggest companies in the world have strong brands. Look at Apple with their predominantly white, angelic colour scheme and simplicity. Google took a similar approach and look how well they have done. What about EasyJet, all bright orange to remind you of the sun you need to visit soon (Those of you in the UK will understand what I mean by that)! If these firms were drab or boring and never made an effort to be consistent in their marketing, they would not be where they are today. Without a strong brand you are ‘forgettable’. That’s a place nobody wants to be! So let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can create a brand around yourself or your organisation and hopefully make yourself stand out from the crowd!


4 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image on Social MediaNow this is ridiculously simple. To be honest, there shouldn’t be many webmasters or marketers out there who don’t already understand how powerful colours are! Colours can evoke any emotion and change a person’s feeling about whatever they are looking at. Choose a colour that is right for you. Reflect yourself in the way you use colour on your websites and social media profiles. Pick one and stick with it, don’t chop and change. That’s really the crux of what I’m trying to say. The colour itself is important and it should reflect what you are about, but above all, be consistent with that colour. Use it on your website, Twitter profile, Facebook page, Pinterest images, Blog, Google+ profile, wherever you can splash a bit of colour, do it.


Specifically on Twitter, use #tags to ‘brand’ your tweets. The most common use is to give your ‘Tweeps’ a name. This not only helps strengthen the brand in your Tweets and leaves a tag related to yourself, but it makes your followers feel like they are part of a community! Community is everything on social media. Without it you are doomed to fail. People are not on social media just to read about you, they want to interact, ask questions and above all get a response.

Share More Personal News

Think about what you are sharing on Social Media. One of the biggest parts of branding is letting your followers behind the curtain. Let them see what goes on behind the scenes. Without that you are just another faceless corporation. A blog is a great way to do this as you can get everyone involved, from your CEO to your latest intern. Everybody can bring something of value and share their experiences from within the organisation. This really gets people talking and gives them something to relate to in your brand. People want your brand to become their friend. The closer they feel to the brand, the more likely they are to become an ambassador and spread the word about your organisation!

Find your Voice

4 Ways to Improve Your Brand Image on Social MediaMake sure the tone you use in your social media activity is appropriate and consistent with your brand image. If you are a cool, funky record label, don’t use businesses speak and talk to your followers as if they are all customers. Equally, if you’re a financial institution don’t send messages that try and get ‘down with the kids’ because that’s not in line with your industry or your brand image. The best way to do this is have one person write all your social media posts. Don’t think that means one person handles everything. Quite the opposite, that community manager takes input from everyone in the organisation and turns those thoughts into consistently styled messages for social media. Through the right voice, you can humanise your brand. This is likely to increase your engagement as people want to interact with other people. Not robots.

I hope you’ve found this advice useful. Building a brand takes time, planning and consistency. Consistency is incredibly important when you’re trying to build a brand identity. Without it your social media efforts will just become sporadic posts that have no real influence. The more consistent you are and the more you react to your audience, the more successful you are likely to be!

David Webb runs a Domain Name, Web Hosting and Social Media Forum called Web Wise Forum. He is an avid blogger and helps new Internet users become immersed in Internet services and helps businesses build their brands through Social Media. Visit him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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2 Responses

  1. Matt Green says:

    Lots of good points, love you point regarding color. However, I think there is a fine line regarding “Sharing Your Personal Information”. It can be very powerful but brands need to be careful not to share to much information and overwhelm their audience.

    • David Webb says:

      Thanks for your comment Matt.

      You’re right there is a very fine line! Overwhelming their audience is a worry but as long as you come across ‘humanised’ people are much more likely to engage with you than if they feel they don’t know you at all!

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