5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Social Media Presence at Your Next Event

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5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Social Media Presence at Your Next EventThere’s no denying the fact that social media is big and getting bigger every day.

It is increasingly being used to rate and categorize online content and businesses more than mere social interaction. Social media makes new markets and search engines are now placing greater importance on sites that engage users in a more evocative manner. Instead of accumulating more customers, future development is predicted to come from the duration or total time spent networking through social media sites.

So it is only natural to incorporate this tool in our events to reap maximum benefits. In fact, modern day attendees will expect a social media presence and interaction!

Here’s how one can maximize the social media presence at an event and benefit from the effort!

1. Introduce a # Hashtag and make it stick!

5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Social Media Presence at Your Next EventA hashtag provides everyone with an easy way to find relevant social shares and take part in the discussion about the event. When you are putting together materials for your event, everything should include the event hashtag which should without any doubt be visible on your event website as well as any posters, slides, brochures or directories.

2. Use Mobile App with Social Media Functions

The majority of conferences now have mobile apps available for attendees. They don’t have to be very complex, just having the schedule, map and information about the event will suffice. Some may even have social media integrations. It makes it easy for attendees to connect with each other and works wonders for the event.

3. Have a Social Media Command Center

5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Social Media Presence at Your Next EventIt is very important to have an adept team who responds smartly and timely to attendees at your event are posting on various social media channels and manage them.

4. Use Social Media as a Way for Attendees to Ask Questions

Using social media platforms, especially Twitter, to encourage attendees to tweet in their questions with the conference hashtag not only make the task of asking the question easier but will also increase the social reach of the conference. It also means everyone’s queries get addressed despite the shortage of time.

5. Keep your data bank and keep interacting:                 

Last, but definitely not the least, use this newfound network of people and organizations with common interest, in your troupe of resources for later events! All you have to do is keep in touch and feed them tid bits of choice every now and then!



Author bio: Sameera Ehteram is a social media addict currently loving her job at Carbonated.TV. She spends her leisure time researching on social media trends and consumer psychology. Follow her @SamEhteram

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