5 Ideas for Creating Videos for Your Business

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If you want to make your business website or blog more interactive by adding video content, here are five ideas you can use to get started:

Dig Deeper Into Topics

Everyone knows that most people have a short attention span when they are reading online. As a result, if you really want to dig into a topic, video may be the best medium for accomplishing this goal. Not only is it easier to keep people’s attention, but you can benefit from the use of additional visuals. SEOmoz’s “Whiteboard Fridays” are the perfect example of this approach. In addition to having one or more speakers on video, they take advantage of a whiteboard as an added visual. This allows them to hold viewers’ attention and maximize comprehension as they tackle fairly complex topics.

Conduct an Interview: Conducting interviews with notable figures within your industry is a great way to create a mutually beneficial situation. The person you interview gets an additional venue to share their thoughts. And because they will want as many people as possible to check out their interview, they will promote it for you. While there’s nothing wrong with text interviews, one that involves an on-camera discussion can actually be much more compelling.

Answer Common Questions

If you look through your email archives, you probably have quite a few questions that visitors or potential customers ask on a regular basis. Since people want to know the answers to these questions, why not make a video about them? One of the biggest concerns businesses and bloggers have about video is whether or not their audience is going to be interested in the subject. When you use existing questions as a jumping off point for videos, you have the advantage of being able to eliminate that concern!

Be Candid

Great videos don’t necessarily have to be rigidly planned out in advance. Instead, you may be surprised by how good of results you get from coming up with a rough idea, grabbing a camera and starting to shoot. For example, you might want to take your camera and talk to people on the street about a specific issue. What’s nice about shooting in digital is because it’s so easy to edit, you can get a lot of footage and then easily edit it into a compelling video.

Create a Screencast

Keep in mind that a good web video doesn’t necessarily have to feature people on camera. Instead, a screencast can be just as popular with an audience. For proof, just look at the success of sites like Khan Academy. And thanks to the availability of simple but very useful tools like Jing, anyone can start making quality screencasts in a fairly short amount of time. Many companies have found that by creating screencasts and adding them to their website, they’re able to provide better support by simply sending a screencast link to customers who need help instead of trying to blindly guide them over the phone.

Is there a company or website that you’ve noticed using video in an especially effective way?

Craig Klein is the CEO of Sales Nexus in Houston Texas. Sales Nexus is a online CRM software company that also provides simplified email marketing solutions.

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  1. Charles Stanley says:

    Thanks for sharing this marketing tactic. Well videos are great source of expressing your ideas to the audience. With the help of video you can attract many customers toward your business. One implementing on any of these 5 tips can create a powerful video for his business.

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