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5 iPhone Apps Connecting Several Social Media Accounts

Home / Social Media Marketing / 5 iPhone Apps Connecting Several Social Media Accounts

5 iPhone Apps Connecting Several Social Media Accounts

Home / Social Media Marketing / 5 iPhone Apps Connecting Several Social Media Accounts
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Take a moment and try to count all of your social media accounts for me. Not just the ones you use regularly, but the abandoned ones over the years, those you have deleted to redo, or just those you forgot until now. Whether it is a blog subscription or a Facebook profile, you are sure to have more than you might have realized, right?
You don't have to make it difficult to keep track of them all. There are a number of apps for the iPhone that sync them all and let you post, view or search with them all at the same time. How easy is that?

Now, let's go straight to the list:

1. Hootsuite


The social media dashboard is one of the most popular on the web. It allows you to take all of those social media profiles across the web and connect them all into a single program. From the dashboard you can control them all, schedule posts, view analytics, find out important data about followers and more. All of this from your iPhone, which has the same helpful features available as the PC version. Including keyword use alerts and reputation management software.

2. Spout


Want to have a social media tracker that has your profiles and RSS feeds together in an attractive interface? This app puts them all together into a single place with an innovative and beautiful design that many have enjoyed. It has full Retina support, so the display is gorgeous. As for the features, it wouldn't make a good choice for professional users. But casual social media users would enjoy it.

3. Tweetdeck


Another social media dashboard that has plenty of fans is Tweetdeck. Specifically designed for Twitter, it doesn't do well for various accounts on other sites. But it is great for multiple Twitter accounts and being able to control them all on the go. You can also monitor keywords and view analytics.

4. Seesmic


Recently, Seesmic was bought out by Hootsuite. But their app is still active and very useful. It is the ultimate mobile dashboard, with a great interface for grouping contacts across social media accounts and saving information. Plus link attachment, image attachment and other features that any social media user should find helpful.

5. Social Connect

Link every social program and account together in one of the best apps on the market. Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, YouTube, TwitPic, Picasa and more. You an also share videos, rather than just watch them like so many other apps are known for.

Do you know of any good apps for connecting social media profiles for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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