5 Tips for Attracting Your Target Audience via Social Media

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Studies show that ninety percent of all American Internet users visit social media sites. Ninety percent! If you want to initiate an effective online marketing plan, then you simply cannot afford to overlook the power of social media. One of the best things about marketing to the social media sector is that there are unparalleled ways of targeting your marketing to the exact demographics you are trying to reach. How does that work? Here are five tips for attracting your target audience via social media:

Deliver your messages fresh

You definitely don’t want to bombard people with constant, redundant marketing messages . . . so how do you make sure your marketing reaches your target audience while it is fresh? Well, you need to know when your target market is using social media. Determine which time zones you are working with, and also which hours of the day and night your target audience is most likely to be online.

Focus on Facebook

Sure, it’s a good idea to establish a strong presence in any every one of the major social media sites, as long as you can manage your accounts effectively. Just remember that Facebook is king. Facebook beats out all other social networking sites when it comes to visitors and time spent on the site. That means that if you have to focus on one above all others, focus on Facebook.

Use video

Studies show that Internet users are becoming increasingly responsive to video, and you should therefore be using video to capture your target audience. Keep your videos short and sweet, and make sure they are informative, entertaining, and – most of all – relevant to your target market.

Be personable

Think of who your target audience is, and then speak to them. Don’t sell to them. Rather, have an ongoing conversation with them. Social media is not a great outlet for direct marketing schemes . . . but it is a great way to develop relationships with people, and developing relationships with people through social media is much the same as doing it in real life. Be real.

Link your accounts

If you have a number of social media accounts, you can link them together using any of a number of plugins and/or site tools. For example, you can make sure that all of your Tweets automatically get posted to Facebook, and that all of your blog posts show up on both. Cross-linking your accounts like this is a great way to increase your reach amongst people you know are already most likely to be interested.

As you can see, it is possible to attract your target audience through social media. You just have to know where to go and what to do, and as well be willing to put in some hard work.


Son Lawin is a social media management expert who enjoys helping small business owners learn to maximize their online presence. Traffic is great, but targeted traffic is better!

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