5 Tips to Increase Social Media Traffic

Most people who build websites and blogs are also interested in making money from those sites. One of the ways to make money is to have targeted traffic to your website. To be more specific- social media traffic.  I would recommend free plugins such as AddToAny, Follow Me, Simple Share, Digg Digg and Social Media tabs if you are planning on increasing traffic to your website through the use of social bookmarking plugins.

The Best Picks for 2012

  • AddToAny Plugin– The AddToAny free plugin is one of the top five plugins I would recommend if you want an increase in social media traffic. This free plugin has produced stunning results for my WordPress websites and blogs over the years. It helps people to share, bookmark posts on my blogs and even email my posts and other numerous messages from my websites.

AddToAny free plugin carries greater advantages including its adaptability with over one hundred social as well as bookmarking sites. It has a Smart Menu which is customizable to both my browsing and usage history. It also has an email tab which can be used with Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail as well as AOL.

  • Social Media Tab Plugin– The Social Media tabs have been quite instrumental in helping me create sliding tabs within my WordPress websites and blogs.  Each sliding tab comes equipped with social media feedback in addition to media feed. Social Media free plugins are useful in helping me to organize all my media feeds into unique widgets.

Configuring the Social Media free plugin is relatively easy to use via the WordPress menu link. Using this free plugin enables me to change icons, open links in new windows, use default skin, and use the language of my choice.

  • Follow Me Plugin– The Follow Me free plugin is a widget i.e. it only shows on the sidebar of the website. The latest version of this plugin comes equipped with the ability to add Google Buzz profiles as well as the RSS icon. The installation and activation can be easily done with just the click of a button.

Using Simple Share and Digg Digg Free Plugins to Increase Social Media Traffic

  • Digg Digg Plugin – The Digg Digg free plugin provides a great opportunity through which I can choose to display all social sharing buttons. It has great features which include the ability to support the generation of thumbnails, use multiple languages, increase the performance of a website etc.

I have always found that the Digg Digg free plugin is also easy to activate on my website. All that I am required to do is download it from the official website and then copy the folder into the WordPress content plugins directory. Once copied, I can then activate the Digg Digg free plugin through the Plugins menu within my WordPress website section.

In addition to all of the above steps, it is also quite encouraging to note that I can customize the Digg Digg free plugin. I can customize it in accordance to my preferences simply by going to the Settings section and then clicking on Digg Digg. This is one of the traits of this free plugin I find to be of the greatest value when using Digg Digg to increase social media traffic.

  • Simple Share Plugin – The Simple Share free plugin provides dynamic vertical boxes that are customizable to the left side of my WordPress website. It is a great tool to include in my website which has links through which popular social websites can be accessed. The vertical boxes can be replaced by horizontal ones if the WordPress Genesis theme site is resized below 1000 PX.

These five tips provide greater avenues through which I have been able to increase social media traffic to my websites, especially the ones based on WordPress Genesis theme. As JD Antony said- develop a passion for learning because once you do, you will never cease to grow. All this knowledge will not help unless you follow Pablo Picas adage that action is the foundational key to all success. All the above can be used within the Genesis framework.


Mike Kelly is a married man with two fully grown children living in Port Townsend in Washington State. His main interest is helping people to effectively use WordPress Genesis theme for their websites. He is passionate about WordPress in addition to DIY Thesis theme reviews.

Image Credit:  Scott Bealekempedmonds

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