6 Largest Social Media Meetups to Visit in 2012

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Social media conferences abound in cities around the world each year but the value represented and travel required often don’t make the sometimes hefty price tags worthwhile.

If you’re interested in meeting up with like-minded social media professionals and entrepreneurs in a people-oriented, no-cost environment, check out any one of these six largest social media meetups to visit in 2012:

1. Sprout Up – Toronto

Social media marketers, web developers and other entrepreneurs are always free to attend the monthly Sprout Up meetups held in Toronto throughout the year, connecting with colleagues and melding minds in an effort to innovate and enjoy a stimulating atmosphere. Each meetup features a guest speaker, a roundtable discussion and a time for meeting, greeting and networking.

Useful Sites for Location: Toronto (official site)

2. Hacks/Hackers – New York City

As the world of journalism and media overlap more and more, web developers, bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs are finding themselves with increasing control over the way information is presented to the public at large. The Hacks/Hackers meetups held in New York City bring together journalists (hacks) and internet shapers (hackers) with an eye towards working together to shape the future of digital media.

Location: The official NYC city guide and the updated list of New York City attractions

3. Internet Masterminds – Vancouver

Internet Masterminds is a weekly meetup of internet entrepreneurs and social media specialists held in Vancouver, British Columbia – the largest and most active of its kind in the city! Hosted by a nonprofit group, these meetups offer interesting speakers in a free, easy environment meant to foster discussion and debate and culminating in pure inspiration!

Location: Vancouver (visitors’ information)

4. New Media, Tech and the Social Web – Washington, D.C.

Social media professionals and enthusiasts alike from the Washington, D.C. area are invited to attend meetups with a strong focus on the role of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and friends on the shaping and growth of the internet. Sporting a fun atmosphere electric with creativity, the group offers talks and discussions on topics like multimedia, web design, social marketing, blogging, startups and more, helping all attendees to gain insight and ideas with every session.

Location: Official Tourism Site of Washington, DC

5. Gaming and Mobile Entrepreneurship – San Francisco

Running for several years and boasting San Francisco’s largest social media meetup attendance, GAME meetups offer a relaxed environment in which everyone from mobile game designers to social media marketers can discuss and debate the latest in technology trends. Recent meetups have seen attendees from the staff of major players such as Blizzard, PopCap, Activision and Zynga, giving the events an extra pull for those looking to succeed in business on the social web.

Location: San Francisco travel guide

6. LaunchDFW Tech Startup Happy Hour – Dallas

Cocktails and good company combine in Dallas, Texas with the ongoing LaunchDFW meetups! From social marketing to incredible design, attendees and speakers offer tremendous experience and insight into the world of online entrepreneurship with the relaxed atmosphere (and included drinks!) giving way to time for networking and relationship building, making for a well-rounded event that any web professional will enjoy and benefit from.

Location: Dallas for visitors


Basing your professional endeavors on social media and internet development in general often means long work days with nary a moment off to indulge in social niceties and meetups like the ones featured above offer an excellent way to combine work and play for the betterment of all. Taking a minute to learn more about a group featured here, seeking out a group in your area or launching a meetup of your very own are all great ways to ensure that fresh ideas and unending inspiration are a daily part of your business efforts!


Jessy is the social media addict who writes about content marketing for mommy bloggers.

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