6 Ways to Get More Fans to Your Facebook Page

Everybody and their dog is trying to promote their brand on Facebook. This means that you have to be smarter for your brand to stand out. Going from posting about the new product to getting people truly excited about what you offer can be achieved through these easy steps.

1. Make It Worth Their While

Facebook is a very effective and powerful tool to send out your message, engage and interact with your true fans. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Provide your clients with interesting and engaging content and ask them to join in on the conversation.
  • Ask your clients what they want from your company and encourage them to make their own choices in relation to your product and post it on your page.
  • Offer your clients and “friends” on Facebook an experience or feeling that they belong to something truly exciting.
  • Offer videos or comment on things happening in the news, business community or entertainment world and how it relates to your business. You never know what you’ll get in response and might be able to use in future marketing efforts.

2. Get People Talking

The best way to grow your business using Facebook is to get others to spread the word for you. If your clients are excited and feel involved in the process, they will talk about you which will have other people seeking out your page and your business. Encourage your customers to write about their experiences using your products and use that feedback to make changes.

3. Offer Facebook Only Promotions

Reward your fans and encourage more people to visit your page by offering “Facebook only” offers and promotions. Make sure they are something the consumer will be unable to get by walking into your business or clicking on your website

4. Commit, Commit, Commit

Writing quirky and exciting content each day can be difficult but don’t let your Facebook page go by the wayside. A successful strategy is to update your page several times a week (every other day is a good frequency to begin with), ask questions and engages your readers. Create a blog and share your posts on your Facebook page as added value so your clients can read behind-the scenes stories and in-depth articles. Make sure your blog and website visitors find out about exclusive Facebook offers.

5. Events and Surveys

Use Facebook to send out invitations and promote your latest open house, book launch or ad campaign by inviting them to your place of businesses. It is free and an effective way to keep your event on your client’s radar. You can personalize messages to your clients before the event.

6. Thank your Fan Base

The most important way to grow your Facebook fans and grow your client base is to reward those who make a commitment to commenting on your page and offering their input. Go out of your way to give these clients exclusive deals or deep discounts the next time they order. This will keep them coming back and telling their friends to join.

I have selected these articles for you to get even more out of your brand’s Facebook page:

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