6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013

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6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013

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Looks like everybody around has suddenly woken up to the reality that they should be concentrating less on attending meaningless seminars and more on making their website conversion oriented.  Yes, the world is catching on conversion. And if this trend continues, we will see better users experience and fewer abandonments in the sales funnel. But sadly enough, the world is still not that great place to rave about. Though business owners are trying their best to remove all the frictions that usually play spoilsport in a conversion funnel, they are still making some horrible mistakes that are undoing all their hard work. Wondering what these mistakes could be? Here they go: 

You are too Cleaver or Cute

It can be that your website is using treacherous design with loads of graphics to make your website appear cute and eye candy. But customers care less about the cuteness level of your website rather they care about how you are serving them or how prompt you are at solving their problem. So, all they are looking for is a straightforward answer, and therefore, please do not make their life miserable by making your website’s navigation complicated. When they are looking for answer to their problems, for God’s sake do not use kitschy drawing or officialese. It will piss your customers off badly and they will just bounce back. Easy access to information, simple navigation and straightforward answers to all their queries is what they are looking for.  So, don’t play smart, when it is not needed at all.

6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013


Related Products and Discounts are not Getting the Attention

You might be wondering why people are not using the discount offers or coupon while shopping on your website, and the reason could be that you are showing the discount offer just after the transaction gets completed. This is the worst thing that can happen to a website planning to convert most customers. Rather you should be displaying the discount coupons, related products etc prominently in your website so that visitors make up their mind to buy some more products before reaching the “Thank You” page. It will be really tough for you to get a person go through the lengthy buying process after having done with Check Out thing.

You are Missing Out on Social media

6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013

Since people are active all the time on social media front, you should not be courting crisis by ignoring the responses of your targeted customers. If they about your brand in your Facebook profile, please do not delete them. Rather try to figure it out what is wrong with them and hopefully, you will be able to redress their grievances. You need to understand the truth that social media is a very much a part of your conversion optimization job because if you continue to ignore problems of your targeted audience in social sphere, you are simply losing some valuable customers who could have got converted if treated properly. So, you need to work hard to retain your existing customers by getting yourself involved in social media circles.

You Are not Letting Them Leave Your Website

This is the most disgraceful thing that a website can have and I find it to be utterly disgusting. When a visitor has decided to leave your website, you need to respect his decision. As they have already set their mind, a pop up with last minute offer is not going to help you hold them back. But yes, this pop up is going to ensure one thing that they are not going to get back to your website any time soon. This is a bad practice and you need to stay away from this.

These types of warning boxes bear similarities with virus attack. So, from the perspective of branding, you are certainly not going to make any progress with this kind of pop up.6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013

You Simply Do not Care About Responsive Design

6 ways you are killing conversion in 2013Since people are using different platforms to get connected to the internet, you need to make sure that your website is performing seamlessly irrespective of the platforms and devices. And the best way you can ensure this thing is by making it responsive. Main benefit of “Responsive Web Design” is that it is browsers, platforms and devices independent. And what is all the more interesting is that responsive website render differently in different platforms, ensuring best viewing experience which will definitely go a long way to guarantee higher conversion ratio. But people seem still oblivious of this fact and they are happy with their existing site design which render imperfectly.

You Do not Think About Contrast

Sometimes, people do not mind making some sacrifice on the contrast front to make the interface look good. But how come visitors buy your product or service if they cannot read what you have written in your website. If you are seeing higher bounce despite having great body copy and impressive design, maybe it is the time to check the text size and contrast ratio as to figure out whether the visitors are facing any difficulty while going through the body copy.


Authot bio: Michael Evans is passionate about photography, web design and development. He has also written several web design tutorials and works as a part time photographer for some leading journals.

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