7 Blogging Tips for E-Commerce Websites

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7 Blogging Tips for E-Commerce Websites

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If your e-commerce website has a new blog, you’re headed in the right direction. Quality blogs keep visitors to your site engaged, support your SEO and content marketing tasks, and help establish your credibility. But how do you go about your blogging strategy? You can start off by creating a checklist of the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘who’ of blog creation, upgrade and maintenance.

  • The ‘what’ will address the type of blog content you will create
  • The ‘how’ will address the ways in which you will keep your blogs interactive and shareable
  • The ‘who’ will address the employee/employees who will be in charge of taking care of your blog

Here are some tips to get you started.

Focus on educating readers

A golden rule is that your blog must deliver value to readers. The best way to achieve this is to educate them and give them credible information that they can actually use and benefit from. This is not a difficult task – you are already an industry expert and no one knows your product better than you. You have to think how your knowledge can be transferred into words on the blog in a format and style that is easily understandable to readers. Share tips and advice, tell them how to plan and what not to do, suggest ideas and recommend options. The nature of your product/service will dictate how you want to educate your readers – give it some thought and come up with substantial topics as well as content.

Create blog posts around your customers

7 Blogging Tips for E-Commerce WebsitesA smart blog writer always reserves one post dedicated exclusively to customer feedback and testimonials. This takes a bit of work, but it is an excellent way to give your brand a more human face and show customers that you care. Interview one or two happy customers and present the blog post in a Q&A format. Their photos (posing with your product if possible) can accompany your blog. You can bet that the chosen customers will tell their friends, family, neighbors or colleagues about your blog. There is a lot to gain from putting your customers in the spotlight every now and then!

Soft sell but don’t over do it

The focus of blogs should always be on delivering useful, engaging and interesting content. This doesn’t mean that you must- at all costs – avoid selling your brand. Soft sell it by creating interest in newer product features, cool accessories, cheap replacement parts and exciting/useful product upgrades. Add anything that screams ‘hey you should try this out’, without making it too sales-oriented. You want to pique curiosity and create interest, not shove your products under the reader’s nose.

Actively ask for comments on posts

A customer-centric blog will always facilitate two-way conversations. Solicit feedback and comments on posts from readers. Besides adding a ‘comments’ section, an easy way to initiate conversation is to add questions like ‘What do you think of our tips?’ or ‘Do you think we are we missing anything? We’d love to hear from you” or ‘Have you had a similar experience?’ and so on. Also make sure you thank readers for commenting on your blog posts.

Connect what’s in the news to your theme

7 Blogging Tips for E-Commerce WebsitesSee if you can relate recent news and developments to your product/service. What trending or buzzing topics can be tied into your blog? How can you add your own thoughts and opinions about these news/developments to deliver valuable or useful content to readers? Examine the scope for such an approach and actively incorporate it whenever you get the chance. For instance, a content writer for an ecommerce business selling eco-friendly promotional items can talk about how the Oscars have gone ‘green’ with celebs wearing gowns/suits made from recycled material. By doing this, attention can be drawn to the larger theme of eco-responsibility and encourage readers to make eco-conscious purchases.

Make your blog shareable

A blog without plug-ins will struggle to generate interest among your target audience. After all, a blog is part of your larger social strategy. Add as many social plugins that you can manage, to interface conversations easily and conveniently. Some plugins you can use include those for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google Reader and Delicious.

Ensure that your employees give your blog the importance it deserves

7 Blogging Tips for E-Commerce WebsitesEmployees can really contribute to your blogging efforts. Ask them for advice and suggestions on blog topics. Explain that your blog is not just a broadcasting channel, but a two-way communication platform that can give customer engagement a big boost. Importantly, entrust an employee with the job of updating and maintaining your blog; if yours is a one-man show, you can invest some time everyday or every week for the same.

Give your blog time to start showing results. By following the right blogging strategies, you can build credibility, trust and loyal followers in the long run.



Author bio: Jessica Davis is a Content Strategy Specialist with Godot Media. She has years of experience in working closely with online businesses, helping them refine their marketing strategy through optimum use of content. She works closely with other copywriters at Godot Media. Her other interests – besides online content strategy, internet marketing and search engine optimization – are technology, sports and fashion.

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