7 Reasons Your Business Needs to be More Social

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In today’s Internet-driven age, businesses who shy away from using social media to promote their products and/or services can quickly find themselves one step behind the competition.

Unfortunately for many small businesses, however, their social media efforts rest between non-existent and minimal. Why is this? Are they just not interested in social media marketing? Do they not have the time for such efforts? Do they feel it is a fad that will come and go?

If the answer is yes to one or any of the above questions, then your business is missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your brand and reel-in potential customers.

Get Social!

Assuming that your small business is looking for more opportunities to reach out to individuals, social media is prime territory. More and more consumers take to the Internet to research and discuss products and make purchases, so why wouldn’t you reach out to them via social media?

With hundreds of millions of consumers using sites like Facebook and Twitter to discuss and ask questions regarding different products, it behooves your small business to be socially engaged on such venues. Whether it is having a Facebook fan page or tweeting about different products that your small business offers, such social networking sites can open up doors to new sales.

As mentioned earlier, if you do not have a social media marketing plan in place, you are missing out on a number of opportunities, including:

  • Reaching consumers 24/7 with a visible brand that has the potential to stay on their minds indefinitely;
  • Identifying yourself as a resource in the minds of consumers;
  • Engaging in real-time conversation with current and potential customers regarding how your products and services can work for them;
  • Offering online coupons and other deals that are easily accessible;
  • Better targeting. Advertising efforts in social media channels can be much more targeted to consumer interests and prove much less expensive than other methods;
  • Telling your company’s story. By doing this, you make the relationship with the customer more personal;
  • Being viewed as current, not ancient. Have you as a customer and not a small business owner ever visited a site that had little or no social media value? Rather boring and frustrating, yes? Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid being lumped in with them.

Having said all that, be sure that if you decide to move forward with a social media campaign, you are in it 100 percent.

Unfortunately, too many businesses try the half-hearted approach, ending up not updating content regularly or engaging in conversation with their audiences. The end result typically is the consumer losing interest and moving on to the competition whose site and social media plan are more advanced and to their liking.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want advice and good products and services yesterday, not today or tomorrow. Will your small business come out and be seen as a social player or one who is anti-social? If the answer is the latter, you could find yourself on the outside looking in, and there are no social redeeming factors in that.

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