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7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages

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7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages

7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages

Home / Websites / 7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages
7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages
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7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages Depending on the study you’d like to cite, roughly 20% of businesses have mobile websites. That’s not a lot when you consider that mobile search will surpass desktop search sometime in the next 18 months or so.

Why are companies so slow to get a mobile website?

Well, there are probably a few reasons, but anecdotally, we are hearing from our clients that confusion is chief among them. Most companies don’t know what they would do with a mobile website or even how to go about getting one.

That’s why mobile landing pages are becoming more popular. Having one or several mobile landing pages is a simpler solution for many companies than a full-fledged mobile website. Mobile landing pages are cheaper than mobile websites. And, it is very likely, that companies opting for a mobile landing page will eventually upgrade to a full-fledged mobile site.

Luckily you for you, a ton of landing page tools such as Clickfunnels or Leadpages now let you customize the mobile view of your landing page and come response out of the box.

What’s Different about Mobile Landing Pages?

Marketers have spent the last decade figuring out ‘regular’ landing pages. Most marketers can tell you average conversion rates for their landing pages, right off the top of their head. The rule is simple: gather as much information as possible without increasing friction to an untenable level. If you follow that rule, keep your CTA clear and make sure your landing page makes sense, you should be able to convert at a reasonable level.

We had it all figured out. And then mobile showed up and made everything messy.

The same rules simply don’t apply for mobile landing pages. Here are some basic mobile landing page rules to help you get started or optimize.

1) Understand Mobile Search

7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages The people that visit your mobile landing pages are fundamentally different than the people who visit your regular landing pages. Mobile searchers take action within one day of their search 90% of the time. And a stunning 70% of mobile searchers take action within an hour of their search.

More than half of all mobile searchers end up making a phone call to a business. Wow!

In short: the people visiting your mobile landing page are ready to buy. They have already researched. They don’t need a White Paper or information about a product. They are ready to act! Mobile searchers are fundamentally different animals than regular searchers.

2) Simple, Simple, Simple

7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages If having a super-clear CTA is critical on a normal landing page, than having a super-clear CTA is an absolutely necessity on a mobile landing page. Why? Well, for several reasons.

First, mobile searchers are ready to buy more often and more immediately. So, give them what they want. Let them purchase a product or make a phone call fast.

Second, the real estate is smaller. You don’t have space for a bunch of random text and buttons. Instead, focus on your CTA.

Third, mobile searchers are on-the-go. They don’t have time to be confused by your landing page. Give them what they want, quickly.

3) Click-to-Call is Your Friend

7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages As we noted above, calling a business is a very common and ever-increasing result of mobile search. You should have a click-to-call (CTC) phone number on your mobile landing page. Companies like Sparkpage and Atmio allow you to insert a mobile click-to-call phone number as you create your page. A tap-able phone number is a simple, clear call to action and one that is very natural for the mobile searcher.

Include a click-to-call number on your mobile landing pages. This is absolutely critical.

4) Maps Are Your Friend

7 Tips to Create Great Mobile Landing Pages Mobile searchers love to look up maps. Have a ‘Get Directions’ button on your landing page or even a map to your business.

5) Very Little Copy

Even the best marketer sometimes gets bogged down in too much copy. This can’t happen on a mobile landing page—ever. The headlines should be 2-3 words.  There shouldn’t be paragraphs. And any bullet points should only have 6-8 words. Concise, concise, concise.

6) Few Form Fields

We work with a variety of mobile landing page companies. These companies—across the board—tell us that the number one mistake their clients make is this: too many form fields.

Marketers want to treat mobile landing pages like regular landing pages. That is dumb. No one is going to fill out 7 form fields on a mobile device. No one. Our recommendation is that mobile landing pages should have ZERO form fields. But, if you must, ask for just one or two.

7) Defining a ‘Conversion’ and Tracking Success

Traditionally marketers have defined a landing page conversion as visitor that downloaded a White Paper, or filled out a form requesting a demo or an appointment time.  This definition doesn’t work for mobile conversions.

Our recommendation is that you should keep track of the number of people that visit your page, the number of people that call from your page, and the number of people that fill out a one-field form.

That’s it.

Looking for some good landing page tools? We've rounded up some alternatives to Leadpages, one of the most popular landing page tools out there. Best bit? Most of them are mobile responsive already.

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