8 Essential Do’s And Don’t’s Of E-Mail Marketing

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8 Essential Do's And Don't's Of E-Mail MarketingSocial media marketing and connected user sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest might be getting all the major media attention, but concurrent with that attention is the accompanied growth of email marketing. Studies show that 80% of all internet users, on a personal and business level, check their emails daily, and continue to open email offers and share them on social networks.

Email marketing is more important than ever, so let’s take a look at 8 critical things to do, and to avoid, when managing your email marketing program.

Do NOT spam.

This is probably Rule #1 on a lot of lists, but it’s absolutely wrong to send out email messages to a random list in the hopes that it will help your brand or increase business. Spam email has a better chance of hurting your branding efforts and your business. Don’t do it.

Use brief, well written emails.

Lead with strong, bold declarations and follow with links. Be brief and give your readers more information and a quick call to action. Let your reader determine how much time they want to devote learning more about your message.

Personalize your messages.

8 Essential Do's And Don't's Of E-Mail MarketingVarious email marketing software products like one from Jango Mail email marketing can help you personalize your messages by name, zip code, preferences and more. You can target buy approaches like “Dear future bride.” In a word, personalized approaches can increase your success level.

Don’t aggravate your readers.

Don’t make the mistake of alienating customers with redundant and unnecessary communication every day. A simple thank you and an occasional special offer will do a lot more than repeated email bombing in the interest of “communication.”

Use social media as a way to increase your reach.

Do not be afraid to contact people through your social media, but use it judiciously. Email marketing and social media combined works very effectively, if used within boundaries.


Give a reason to respond.

Create an offer, a special recognition or a deal. Do not send out an email with your latest ad saying how good you are. Perhaps offer an incentive of free service for two months. That goes a long way beyond offering a free iPod to increase response rates. Check proven direct marketing tactics to help you accomplish this.

Don’t over send emails.

8 Essential Do's And Don't's Of E-Mail MarketingToo many emails will make your customers numb to your message. Make sure every message and offer is worth its weight in postage.

Make sure you respond!

A critical error of email marketing is the inability of companies to appropriately reply in a timely and personal manner. Do not send emails or announce a campaign without a sure-fire way to respond. Even an automatic email marketing software product with a generic message would be better, but make sure there is follow-up.


Don’t overlook email marketing. It reaches consumers directly into their inbox and still has the power to shift dollars. Your business can grow with smart use of the medium.

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