8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising Campaigns

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automotive digital advertising campaigns

While some people are quick to judge the auto industry for lagging in terms of things like social media, it’s hard to deny that when it comes to the traditional advertising medium-albeit through the internet-it’s much harder to find examples of auto companies that aren’t driving forward. In fact, this particular industry uses a vast range of tools backed by experimentation and rules-of-thumb to create some pretty amazing advertisements to attract potential customers.

You can see these examples and take something away from them for your own advertising. The following are just eight quick case studies that show how advertising has moved far outside the box.

Lexus is Mobile

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising Campaigns

Well, more so than usual for a car! Lexus created a mobile site to compliment their main website to bring more customers in and hook them to the brand by allowing the mobile site to do things like let them book test drives, view content and communicate with dealerships. It resulted in more conversion, better conversion, and a decreased bounce rate.

Chevy the Stuntman

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsChevy’s video campaign reached 120 million YouTube views which, for a car company, is pretty monumental (actually, in general, it’s pretty monumental!) Chevy was battling the idea that their vehicles have low fuel industry and wanted to showcase the Sonic as being great on gas and great on safety. So how better to do this than with a series of extreme stunts, performed by rockstars, extreme sports athletes, and robotics experts? The Sonic went through some pretty mind-dizzying stunts, and the effort worked; 120,000+ viewers and happy buyers.

Chevy didn’t stop there; it also created an app to go along with its new stunt man commercial. Game Time was an app created to compliment the Superbowl and to keep viewers away from the competition. It was a trivia game, based on the Superbowl commercials (i.e., the stuntman commercial) and those who answered the trivia question correctly could be entered into a draw for a new Chevy Sonic. The app had 130,000 simultaneous users and 700,000 downloads in two weeks, beating out Facebook and Angry Birds.

Audi Spins it’s Love to Fans

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsAudi didn’t want to just be liked by its 500,000+ fans; it wanted to be loved and show off its love in return. Dindo Capello, an endurance-racing driver, raced the Audi R8 and skidded the number 500,000 into the ground on video. Then Audi created prints generated by the tire marks and got the driver to sign it. The video was so loved, and it migrated to television and brought in new audiences, particularly in Germany. Altogether, their fan base grew by 17%.

The Face that Launched a Thousand Buyers

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsGiver or take. BMW has a pretty nifty microsite where users can upload a picture through Facebook, connect to the site and from there, create a portrait made of building from the city they love. Then a car from the BMW 1 Series is shown driving through the pretend city. Not only that, but users get to name and tag landmarks after their friends, so their friends will check it out and create their own face city and so on. Background music is even generated by sorting through preferences in the user’s profile. In one month, the microsite had 300,000 visitors and created 390 Face Cities.

The Game of Life

Toyota Digital Advertising CampaignsAmerican millionaires buying their new car are inundated with myths, half information and opinions. They research using their network and digital resources, but it can still be a problem for many of them. Toyota decided to tap into this uncertain market and created a new, fun YouTube channel that would combine digital with video content to create an interactive and productive research process.

The Prius launch was done around the Game of Life, a board-game that many millennials played. It covered things like negotiations, filling out forms, hybrid engines and Bluetooth technology plus many more aspects that new car shoppers and uncertain shoppers are looking for, all in one place. The vibrant commercial attracted more viewers and had over 170,000 viewers.

The Thrill of the Fiat

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsFiat not only its raunchy Superbowl ad, it followed up with a digital campaign that would inspire thrill and adrenaline. The campaign merged beauty with hard facts, and it worked; the Fiat 500 sold out before the cars even reached American shores! There were 35,000 signups for information, and March 2012 sales were up over 600%.



Innovation of the Volkswagon

8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsThis was an experiment, but it worked. The site uses HTML5, websockets, geolocation, and Twitter to bring together the many different Beetles and their stories into a canvas to be scrolled through. There is no video content; instead, tech and social bloggers upload a video of the experience themselves and its fun. It showed how a website for a computer had to be and could be different from its mobile counterpart.

If that wasn’t enough of an experiment, Volkswagon also created a new channel on Youtube with a microsite that used rich media techniques to create disruptive moments that would hold the attention of viewers. For example, the Brazilian actor Lázaro Ramos who starred in the site would do things likes mess up the stats bar under the video and tilt the related videos sidebar. The disruptions, of course, were generally related to the point of the video playing.


8 Examples of Automotive Digital Advertising CampaignsBFGoodrich is not a car brand, but they are very important to cars! The business created Awesomecross, an interactive drag race where the course responds to performance data that is generated by the tires (g-Force Sport COMP-2) and the moods and thoughts of the drivers. Viewers can follow a featured driver and get even deeper into the experience by accessing hidden material.

Of course, some of these are no longer running, and others haven’t been updated much, but they should still give you some good ideas about the possibilities for your own company. So good luck and have fun with your advertising!

Author-Bio: Shan S. is a writer at RpmRush, a place for car enthusiasts, including automotive engineers, car designers and automotive journalists who talk everything about cars.

Photo credit: hernanpba on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

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