9 Social Media Customer Service and Social CRM eBooks for Enterprise (and Others)

In the last few months I have been digging deeper into the social customer service field. During that time I have collected some of the best material on the topic of social costumer service and social CRM. Some of them are from a few years back but the content is still relevant.

Here are the free resources that I have found useful. If you know any other good ebooks on this topic please let us know in the comments of this post.


Prepare to Respond: A Guide to Customer Service on Social Media (2012). Consumers make their purchasing decisions in a dramatically different way to how they did just a few years ago. People share, advise, review, complain and compliment brands regarding their customer experiences across the social web for all to see. This eBook outlines the essentials your organisation requires to develop effective social media customer service, so get your copy and prepare to respond. http://forms.brandwatch.com/201203ebook-3-prepare-to-respond-a-guide-to-customer-service-on-social-media/

From Company-Centric to Customer-Centric: Returning to a Customer-Focused Service Model(2012). In this ebook, we’re talking about getting back to basics with customer service, and detailing what it takes to create (or return to) a customer-centric customer service model, from profiling the modern-day customer to discussing what good customer service can mean for your organization. Today’s customer profile is unlike any the business world has seen before, not because people are all that different, but because the means of communication between companies and their customers have changed drastically.

The Social-Powered Enterprise (2012). Social Customer Service. How support people can use social media. Actively listening for questions and issues that needresolving on on social sites. Leveraging social profiles on contact centre screens. Encouraging self-support on your site and social sites. Rewarding ‘super-customers’ who actively help others. Letting people vote on the most helpful support content. Collaborating internally to connect agents to expertise.

Stop, Look and Listen(2011). The art and science of listening and delivering an amazing customer experience through social media. Customers today expect more immediate service, a faster resolution. So instead of picking up the phone, they’re voicing their opinions and asking their questions on the social Web. These conversations are happening right now, on millions of sites, among millions of people. Are you listening? The social Web can arm your company with business intelligence you might not otherwise get. Listen to your online community to gauge the health of your customer relationships, and get their feedback on your products and services.

Social CRM for Dummies(2011). You and your company no longer control marketing, sales, support, or product development. Your customers have stopped passively soaking up sales pitches and buying only the products and services you choose to offer. Through the power of social media and networking, they can make or break you. Through social CRM (customer relationship management), you have the opportunity to harness the power of consumers to market your products and services, improve customer satisfaction, provide support, and even develop ideas for new and improved products and services. This book shows you how.

Rethinking Customer Service: The Call Center as Corporate Information Hub (2011). This e-book looks at how the call center in particular can help drive a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to business. Experts from the call center world share strategies and mindset shifts that must take place within companies if they are to be vital and nimble in the 21st century. Dan Miller shows how social media can help call centers
provide more proactive customer service.

Metrics for Social Customer Service (2010). The momentum of social media is putting pressure on customer service to evolve into “social customer service.” That means reassessing the metrics used today and the methods used to collect, analyze, and report them, and ultimately creating a new measurement strategy. This is a guide to help you understand the changes necessary and how to implement them in your organization.

The Social Contract: Customers, Companies, Communities, Conversations in the Age of the Collaborative Relationship (2010). This ebook brings together a collection of experiences from some of the brightest people in business today. From executives at major corporations, leading industry analysts, best-selling authors, application vendors, and customer service professionals, come real stories of how companies are integrating social channels into their traditional methods of engaging today’s socially empowered customers. You’ll hear B2B stories as well as some great B2C examples. We’re still early on in the integration of social media and CRM, customers have fully embraced social communications.

Customer Service, The Art of Listening and Engagement Through Social Media (2008). Customer service will fuse with marketing to become a holistic inbound, outbound campaign of listening to and engaging with customers that will rewrite the rules of the game. And, most importantly, the lessons learned in the field will be fed into the marketing department to create and run more intelligent,experienced, and real world initiatives across all forms of marketing, PR, sales,and advertising.

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As a bonus we have collected a list of our own post on the topic of social customer service and social CRM.

I hope you found this material useful. If you know any other good ebooks on this topic please let us know in the comments of this post.

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