Above the Fold Puzzle – What You Should Not Take For Granted [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Above the Fold Puzzle – What You Should Not Take For Granted [INFOGRAPHIC]So, you have been indoctrinated from the day one you decided to pursue your career in website design that you should always put all that important in the above the fold section. However, I am not saying that putting Call to Action below the fold is going to help you see more clicks and bring more business leads. Of course, this is not the case. Rather I am against the over use of this technique. Take a look at some modern sites at CSSMania.com or CSSAwards.com, and you cannot help but noticing the fact that they look and feel the same. Now, I am not courting a controversy here. But if you look at two different sites, you will realize that structurally they are all the same, though the color combination or navigation style may be different.

Now, I am not suggesting you to go for a different look just because everybody around is doing the same thing. Not at all. Here I am going to say you something that may sound awkward. Yes, when you place the main Call to Action button at the bottom of the page, Conversion rate may go up significantly. Still finding it hard to believe? Ok let me give you a real life example. MarketingExperiments saw an impressive 20% in the conversion rate when they tucked the Call to Action button below the fold.

How can this be true?

Yes, I know that only 20% of the people who visit your website scroll down to see what is written below the fold. So, by that token what I am saying is that with this measly 20% traffic, you will be able to outshine those websites which are concentrating on above the fold as far as the number of conversion is concerned. Sounds like a heresy? Of course it sounds and believe me, unpleasant truth always sounds like heresy.

I am no nerd. This above the fold drama is nothing new. It has been statistically proved in the early days of sixties that almost 80% of people read nothing except the headline of a newspaper. Now, here is the story; when you are saying that almost 80% people who land on your website do not even bother to scroll down to look at what your website has to offer, you are indirectly saying that they are not even interested in your website. Now, the big question is what you are supposed to do with this 80% traffic who are very fickle minded and do not even bother to stay for few seconds more to explore more about your website.

So, the rest 20% seems to be doing the trick. They are spending their time on your website, clicking on the links, reading what you have said there and finally taking the pain to contact you via the Call To Action Button. Now tell me who are most valued to you, the 80% people who do not see anything below the fold or the rest of the 20% people who do all the amazing stuffs? Take your pick.

It is Motivation Dude:

It is not just the below the fold or above the fold thing that you should only be concentrating on. There are other important things too. The thing is no matter how prominent the Call to Action button is, you will never be able to cash in on it unless the offer is awesome or the texts around is beautifully wrapped around describing what makes your offer different from rest of the others. In short, you need to motivate your targeted audience and this is how things work.

Making a hard decision:

Where you are going to keep the Call to Action button depends on different things. When your service us very easy to understand and the visitors are most likely to see the value of opting for the service, in short, there is little to explain about the service, you can go for Above the Fold. As you are not going to use too much content in the Above The Fold section, there is little point in keeping the Call to Action thing below the fold.

But imagine this situation. You product is relatively new and you are required to explain few things in simple words to prospective customers before they can see the value of it. In that case, it would be better if you can place Call to Action button below the fold. Since people are not going to use your service until they are sure of its real worth, there is no point in pushing them by placing the Call to Action above the fold.

So, it is your take finally.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a social media analyst and a budding designer who is associated with FlashMoto, where you can find wide varieties of flash templates

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