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AMZ Tracker Review: The Truth in 60 Seconds

Home / Ecommerce / AMZ Tracker Review: The Truth in 60 Seconds
amz tracker review - worth it or not

AMZ Tracker Review: The Truth in 60 Seconds

Home / Ecommerce / AMZ Tracker Review: The Truth in 60 Seconds
amz tracker review - worth it or not
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Welcome to my AMZ Tracker review.

I was a “Review Club” regular back in 2015-2016 – back when AMZ Tracker was THE tool for Amazon sellers.

Nowadays, things have changed.

I have unique insight, since I’ve used it as well as Helium 10 (read review), Jungle Scout (see our review), Sellics, and a few other similar platforms. So I can give you perspective on how other tools have innovated while they’ve stagnated.

In this review, I’ll cover:

  • My quick verdict so you know if it’s worth it or not
  • An inside look at key features
  • AMZ Tracker pricing and my thoughts on their overall strategy
  • Pros and cons
  • Alternatives that are better suited for modern Amazon businesses

Close every other tab, please. It’s time to deep dive.

Quick Verdict: Is AMZ Tracker Still Good in 2023?

I’m going to keep it 100 with you. The answer is…

Not really…

AMZ Tracker USED TO BE essential until a combination of Amazon policy changes, poor leadership, and better competition changed everything.

It’s fine for basic research, rank tracking, and product promotions. But pretty much every successful Amazon seller uses one of the newer, better competitors.

Here’s why…

AMZ Tracker used to be the S**T.

Their “Review Club” was like a secret Amazon black market where Amazon sellers could offer discounts in exchange for reviews. It was a game changer.

Hey, you. 5-star rating if I give you 50% off?

Do that 100 times and your “sale velocity” was at mach-2 in a month.

Amazon changed all that when they outlawed incentivized product reviewing. They tried to pivot and become an all-in-one tool, but it was too late. They haven’t recovered since.

That’s why most sellers use Helium 10 these days.

Helium 10 offers more tools for research, tracking, listings optimization, landing pages, and Amazon ads management. PLUS Amazon FBA business management tools like refund tracking, inventory management, and analytics.

All for roughly the same price…

AMZ Tracker’s key features are:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword tracking
  • Listings analyzer
  • Negative review tracker
  • Hijack alerts
  • Basic competitor analysis

Helium 10 does all of that, plus:

  • Product validation
  • Product trends
  • Profit calculation
  • Listings optimization
  • Listings AB testing
  • Market intelligence
  • Refund processing
  • Amazon ads management
  • Landing page building
  • PPC auditing
  • Misspelling checking
  • Inventory management
  • Email automation
  • Advanced competitor analysis

If you’re using AMZ Tracker while competitors are using Helium 10, they’ll lap you.

Get AMZ Tracker if…

  • You prefer a short learning curve: AMZ Tracker provides a few simple but useful features and not much detail. For example, using Unicorn Smasher to find products on Amazon is way easier than using Helium 10’s Magnet. Unicorn Smasher just doesn’t tell you as much data.
  • You have few private label products: If you only have a couple of products, you won’t miss inventory management or refund features.
  • You want easy product launches: VIPON is a solid marketplace with 2 million registered users. Don’t expect a ton of sales and reviews, though. It’s hyper competitive and YOU need to do the communication manually.

Avoid AMZ Tracker if…

  • You want to scale an FBA business: If your goal as an Amazon seller is to hit six or seven figures, you’re much better off with Helium 10. Without business management, PPC management, granular key term data, or analytics, you’ll hit a ceiling you can’t break through.
  • You want the best features available: If you’re just trying to chill and monitor a few keywords, it’s fine. If you want to take your business seriously, it’s not. You’re going to need legit research, listings, competitor spying, and PPC features.
  • You have a ton of SKUs: If you’re dealing with a ton of SKUs daily, Helium 10 makes ordering, managing, and predicting inventory dead simple.
  • You want to advertise your products: AMZ Tracker’s name says it all – it’s a tracking tool. It won’t help you advertise your products. You’ll be responsible for figuring that out on your own. Helium 10 comes with landing pages, listings optimization, PPC ads, and even marketing training. So one tool says “here’s everything you need and how to use it” and the other says “hey, buddy. I just work here. Don’t ask me”.

For most serious sellers… Helium 10 is going to be the obvious choice.

AMZ Tracker Review: Pros and Cons

AMZ Tracker Pros

  • Vipon product launches: The raison d'être of the whole platform. Get your product in front of 2 million hungry Amazon shoppers so you can make initial sales and increase your ranking. You MUST UPGRADE to access this feature. It’s not the best way to launch a product, but it’s the easiest one.
  • Simple UX and Tools: It’s easy to get the hang of Keyword Tracker, Deepwords, and the dryly named “Keyword Research Tool” (who names these things?). For example, Deepwords keeps it simple: term, volume, category, region. So easy, a caveman could do it.
  • Worldwide reach: One thing I do love about AMZ Tracker is that it supports data/shoppers from around the globe. Vipon promos are available to shoppers in Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and even India.

AMZ Tracker Cons

  • It’s a competitive disadvantage: Sorry to be blunt, but if your competitors are using Helium 10’s Black Box, Cerebro, Listings Optimizer, and Frankenstein, you’ll be a step behind.
  • Limited detail: Amazon a ruthless bare-knuckle boxing match that requires every minute detail to get a sales edge over competitors. AMZ tracker just doesn’t provide enough. Take product research for example. With AMZ Tracker you get a few data points. With Helium 10 you get Cerebro IQ score, Blackbox product recommendations, word frequency, monthly revenue, review rating, and tons more.
  • Not cheap: For a tool that looks and feels cheap, it definitely is not. The entry-level plan is $50 per month but doesn’t include Vipon, which makes it useless. It’s $100 per month to get started, and that comes with restrictions.
  • The opposite of customer service: Whatever the opposite of customer service is, that’s what AMZ Tracker’s customer service team is. “Customer hindrance”? “Customer annoyance team”? “Customer make sure Karl cancels and writes a negative review squad”? Don’t expect to get a helpful response. They don’t care.

AMZ Tracker Review: Features Breakdown

AMZ Tracker bills itself as an all-in-one toolkit. It’s not.

However, it does have a few useful features divided into 3 simple categories:

  1. Offense: Track keywords, improve conversions, and boost rankings.
  2. Defense: Stay safe from bad reviews and would-be hijackers.
  3. Reconnaissance: Get key info about keywords, long-tails, and competitors to improve your chances of ranking for the right terms.

I’ll take a deep dive into each one here, so you can see the tool’s strengths and shortcomings. I think when you see deeper into each feature, you’ll better understand what I’ve been saying all along – AMZ Tracker is fine, just don’t expect much.

Keyword Tracking

amazon keyword tracking with amz tracker

Remember how I said AMZ Tracker was the S*** back in the day?

This was another reason why. It was a pioneer in the Amazon keyword tracking space. I remember first using it and thinking “why didn’t I think of this”?

This was the first tool that provided this invaluable analysis on changes in your ranking.

Say you made a change to your listing, you could see exactly how those changes affected rankings. If they worked, you just doubled down and did them to every listing. It was like having a direct window into Amazon’s mind.

Nowadays, nothing much has changed. And that’s the problem. It’s been pretty much the same since 2016. Sellics, Helium 10, and even some free tools like Keywordtool.io are all better now than AMZ Tracker.

Keyword tracker keeps your finger on the pulse of your Best Sellers Rank as well as other words you’ve selected. That’s pretty much it.

Pro Tip – Changes in rankings are a great way to see if your marketing strategies are paying off. If you’re running ads or promotions, check how they affect rankings regularly. If you’re going down, STOP and reevaluate. Something’s wrong.

Competitor Sales Tracking

track amazon ranking changes

Imagine knowing exactly how well your competition was doing, how many units they sold, and how many units of a new product you’d have to sell to outrank them?

That’s the type of tracking AMZ Tracker offers. It’s basically like planting a wiretap in your competitor’s boardroom and listening to their brass talk shop. You’ll get average price, quantity, revenue, daily quantity, and average revenue per day.

But there’s a catch…

It only starts counting from the day you turn it on. So you’ll have to wait weeks or even a month for accurate data. Tools like Jungle Scout store the data on their end, so if I’ve happened to track the same products before, you’ll get the data immediately instead of waiting for days.

Again, another nifty feature that AMZ Tracker hasn’t improved on in years while others have innovated.

Noticing a trend?

Email Reporting

Thought I’d mention this quickly as one positive.

AMZ Tracker notifies you of pretty much whatever you’d like for product rankings, movement, Best Sellers Rank, etc. It’s kind of a hassle to check each product/keyword every day, especially if you’ve got tons of hot selling products (must be nice, dude).

You can white label reports as well. So, if you’re keeping track of accounts for clients, you can select the best results, slap your label on it, and send it over their way.

It’s a pain to set up, but once it’s running it’s super convenient. Nice plus here for AMZ Tracker!

Find New Keywords

finding amazon fba keywords with amz tracker

Find New Keywords tool is a nifty little tool that steals Amazon’s most common related searches and spoon feeds them directly to you.

It's a great way to find ideas you may not have thought of. Like, if I’m starting a private label protein powder biz, I might make an entirely different mixture for kids, pregnant women, or – um – double checks – dogs?

Wait, hang on a second I have to search this.

how to use amz tracker

$85 for muscle mass gainer for my dog? Are you mad?

Anyways, it’s a cool tool for sure, but here’s the issue – you can literally just get the same keywords back from Amazon. That search I just performed on Amazon above returns pretty much the exact same results.

It’s nice to have it right in your dashboard instead of going to Amazon, but it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Deepwords (Keyword Research)

Deepwords is a keyword evaluation tool that gives you a decent ballpark figure of a keyword’s popularity according to category, search volume, and region.

Say you want to search for protein powders for dogs, it’ll tell you all the related keywords, estimated monthly search volumes, and the category type like “health supplement”.

It’s not bad…it’s just not good. You could use it to get a rough estimate of how popular keywords are, but I wouldn’t trust it over other tools. The search volumes are always totally different from others like Sellics.

Amazon doesn’t provide keyword search volumes, so it’s on the particular tool to guesstimate volumes according to algorithms that are beyond the comprehension of mortals like us. And since Deepwords is relatively new, it’s not going to be as reliable as more established tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.

Listing Optimization

amazon fba on page analyzer

On Page Analyzer is the fastest and cheapest way to boost your ranking with AMZ Tracker. It analyzes a few important metrics to make sure your listings are fully optimized.

Choose a listing, add the keywords, and let the tool do the rest.

It spits back a bunch of easy-to-digest metrics and shows recommended changes to have a perfectly optimized listing. Another very solid tool.

But remember our theme?

This feature doesn’t tell you very much, and it looks straight out of a Neolithic cave painting.

Now, check out Scribbles, Helium 10’s listing tool:

amazon listing optimizer

Not only does it go bullet by bullet, you can actually write directly inside it. Plus the keywords are right to the left and clearly visible. This is like Photoshop vs MS Paint (shoutout MS Paint).

So, not only is Scribbles way better, you also get Frankenstein, a tool that shows you exactly which keywords need to appear in your listings:

optimizing fba listings with frankenstein

Listing Hijacking Alert

amazon listing hijacked

Hijacking alerts is like having a 24/7 surveillance team watching Amazon to make sure nobody is selling off your listing or selling knock-offs of your products. If you use this properly, you’ll keep the Buy Box, prevent negative reviews, and protect your brand’s integrity.

Once you turn on monitoring, AMZ Tracker sends you email reports every 4 hours showing you how many Amazon sellers of that particular product there are at any one time. It could be a reseller (in that case you can whitelist), a similar – but different – product, or a real hijacker. It’s on you to manually check.

Just make sure to label legit resellers as “safe”, so you aren’t constantly getting alerts. All in all, a solid and useful tool that provides a lot of value, especially if you have a ton of products. Problem is that you’re severely limited on the Basic plan for this feature. You’ll have to upgrade.

I can’t tell you how many times I used to wake up to 1-star ratings on my listings from customers that never even bought from me. Infuriating.

Negative Review Alerts

amazon negative review alerts

Negative Review Alerts is another department of your 24/7 surveillance team. AMZ Tracker sweeps your reviews once per day and notifies you of any reviews that are 3-stars or below.

I really like this feature for one key reason: It’s super easy to use. Right on your dash you’ll see product info, rank, and any actions you should take. In this case, there’s a bunch of unhappy customers waiting to unload their absolutely minor inconveniences on you.

As far as what makes this tool unique? Nothing much. Just a simple review alert software.

Hate to bring this up again but…

Helium 10 provides a ton more info in their Alerts tool. For example, it shows you a weekly report on how your products have been affected.

In this case, you can just turn on “1-3 star reviews”, and you’ll get weekly reports on how they’ve trended:

amz tracker fba review management

They’ll even text you. So yeah, again, a useful tool, but nothing compared to the competition. I guess if you prefer simplicity, you’ll like AMZ Tracker.

Super URLs

amazon super url tool

Super URLs are a nifty way to trick Amazon into increasing your ranking. It’s a fast, easy, 100% Amazon kosher way to get a quick jolt in keyword rankings and increase sales.

In case you aren’t familiar, here’s how they work – if someone searches for a keyword and chooses your product, Amazon takes that as a good sign and they’ll boost your ranking.

A Super URL “tricks” Amazon into thinking a user you directed to your listing (from an ad or blog post) actually searched for your product and chose it instead.

Basically, instead of linking directly to your page, it’s a link that looks like they searched for your keyword and then chose your product from the results page.

Here’s the dirty little secret though: You don’t need a tool to do this. It’s just a fancy upsell. You can literally do this using Amazon. This saves you 2-3 minutes of time, but it’s nothing special.

Review Hunter

Review Hunter basically just sifts through your order history and finds email addresses from past customers. Then, you can send an email blast begging for a review.

Definitely a piece of low-hanging fruit that could help boost brand awareness and rankings, but it’s still in beta and buggy. Also, this is definitely the least efficient way to ask for a review.

Not going to name names but I know a certain competitor that has Seller Assistant, a tool that instantly requests a review from every sale in the previous month. That way, you actually contact everyone without searching for their email address. Why spend hours on this when you can do it in a click?

AMZ Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension

AMZ Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension

AMZ Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension is a web-based extension that provides an easy-to-follow plot of all your most important keywords and daily changes.

It’s a simple way to stay up to date on how your keywords are doing.

The one interesting tidbit I can add is that all the tracking takes place on your local computer, so nothing is shared in the cloud and everything stays private.

Other than that, it’s just a neat little way of seeing your keyword status within your browser. Nothing much of note.

Vipon Product Promotion

Vipon Product Promotion

Vipon product promotion, the ancient ruins of the “Review Club”, are the saving grace of AMZ Tracker in my opinion.

If there’s a reason to even consider signing up for it in 2023, this is it.

Vipon is a solid and effective way to run an easy Amazon product promotion. I prefer other platforms, but Vipon is fine.

With the Professional plan ($100), you get 3 product launches per marketplace. God Mode ($200) you get 12, and Legend ($400) you get 50.

Got a new product? Set up some discount vouchers, send them to Vipon shoppers, and see how many sales you get. Your sales velocity and ranking should get a nice, noticeable boost.

Except that’s usually not what happens in my experience. For one, you’ve got to contact customer service to even run a product promotion these days.

And Vipon customers used to be hungry, but now there are so few requirements to create an account (compared to Jump Send) that fewer accounts than ever are actually buying. AMZ Tracker has counteracted this by allowing unlimited vouchers on all their plans. Still doesn’t seem to be working for the US and Canadian markets.

Last time I even ran a promotion, I got 5 sales and 1 review. Thanks, AMZ Tracker!

NOTE: I know Europeans, especially Germans, who love Vipon. If you’re selling in EU markets it might work better. However, you don’t need AMZ Tracker to use it. You can just sign up to use Vipon alone.

What’s it Like to Use AMZ Tracker?

User Interface And Ease of Use

amz tracker user interface

Is the user interface outdated?


It looks like the backend of a WordPress website from 2012.

Is that a bad thing?

Not really in my opinion.

What it lacks in detail, color, options, graphics, and…uhhh…everything, it makes up for in simplicity.

Everything you need is right there, and key data like ranking and suggested actions is available at a glance. All the different features are one click away on the left hand side.

As far as ease of use for the platform itself, that’s a different story.

Everything is buggy, you need to contact customer support to even run a promo, and once you start adding a bunch of products, everything slows down. It reminds me of my old Macbook from 2014 that couldn’t handle browsing Facebook and Netflix at the same time.

Overall grade: C

Customer Service

amz tracker reviews

You’re entering a world of pain.

I said it before, so let’s keep this short and sweet. Customer service at AMZ Tracker is basically the opposite of customer service. Let’s say, customer hindrance. Everything is a hassle.

Like, my promo on Vipon isn’t working and I’m losing thousands of dollars in potential sales, so they say “here’s a helpful article. K, bye”.

Last I heard, they were hiring help in developing countries for $2-$3 per hour. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with a native English speaker when on the phone with them.

Overall grade: F

AMZ Tracker Onboarding and Training

AMZ Tracker Onboarding and Training

Honestly, onboarding is super easy. You just select a plan, pay, and get started. It’s dead simple, so there’s not really much to figure out – especially if you’ve used similar software before.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, so I really can’t give you a fair perspective on that.

What I can do is give you a window into their training course.

Basically, a robot, a cat in a space helmet, and a lady in a red jumpsuit (what is going on here?) guide you through the basics of Amazon businesses from finding a product and getting a supplier to growing your “thriving business”.

There’s nothing super useful in the course unless you’re a total beginner. And like I said before, the software is so simple that you don’t really need training in how to use it.

At least it’s something.

Overall Grade: C –

AMZ Tracker Pricing

amz tracker pricing

Basic Plan ($50)

  • 110 keywords
  • 50 products
  • Unlimited email reports
  • On Page Analyzer
  • Super URLs
  • 100 Rocket reply emails
  • 50 sales tracking products
  • 50 review alert products
  • 1 user

Professional ($100)

Everything in Basic plus:

  • 500 keywords
  • 100 products
  • Vipon promos (3)
  • Unlimited vouchers
  • 1,000 rocket reply emails
  • 100 sales tracking products
  • 100 review alert products

God Mode ($200)

Everything in Professional plus:

  • 1500 keywords
  • 200 products
  • 12 Vipon promos
  • 3,000 rocket reply emails
  • 200 sales tracking products
  • 200 review alert products

Legend ($400)

  • 3,000 keywords
  • 400 products
  • 50 Vipon promos
  • 10,000 rocket reply emails
  • 400 sales tracking products
  • 400 review alert products

This all comes with a 7-day free trial.

My thoughts on all this…

The Basic plan is worthless.

There’s nothing you get with Basic that you can’t get from a few free tools.

You’ll need at least Professional to use Vipon promos and get “real” keyword and tracking volume.

It’s not until higher tiers that you really can take advantage of Vipon promos, but now we’re talking $200 a month.

Let’s compare that to what’s considered the best softwarel on the market, Helium 10.

amz tracker alternative - helium 10

So for less than the price of Basic, Helium 10 gives you everything you get in AMZ Tracker plus:

  • Freedom ticket training
  • X-Ray Chrome extension
  • Limited access to Scribbles, Frankenstein, Cerebro, Magnet and the rest of the 10-tool suite

So $11 less a month for 10 tools that AMZ Tracker doesn’t even offer.

I think it’s a no brainer. Feel free to pay $11 more a month for a buggy platform that offers less. It’s your money.

Verdict: Is AMZ Tracker Right for my Business?

Honestly, no.

AMZ Tracker is outdated, buggy, and hasn’t improved much since 2017 – 2018.

It’s outclassed in every way by newer, better companies that actually operate as if it’s the modern era.

There are FREE tools better than their core features. And the only legit feature in the entire platform is Vipon, and that’s buggy, slow, and returns minimal ROI at best.

As an Amazon business owner, I’d be ecstatic to find out a competitor was using AMZ Tracker.

Key reasons I don’t recommend AMZ Tracker:

  1. Features have little to no detail
  2. Inaccurate keyword volumes
  3. Core features haven’t been updated in years
  4. Vipon promos not nearly as effective in the US as they used to be
  5. Extremely outdated and buggy interface

For roughly the same price of the Professional Plan, Helium 10 gives you:

  • A Suite of 10 extra tools: Everything from listings optimization to product niche ideas, all updated as recently as 2023.
  • Freedom ticket training: The latest training on how to run an FBA business AND how to use Helium 10 to do it. This alone is worth ~$1,000 and it’s actually quality stuff.
  • Business management tools: Helium 10 includes real business features that large operations need like inventory management, refund management, and analytics. Amazon Tracker doesn’t even try.
  • Great customer service: Plain and simple. They pick up the phone.
  • Marketing tools to grow your business: PPC ad management and landing pages help you build high-converting sales funnels that grow your business 24/7.

So now you have two choices: Pay $100 per month for basic tools that are mostly free elsewhere or $99 per month for the most advanced and popular Amazon business software on Earth.

Your choice…

AMZ Tracker F.A.Q

Q: Does AMZ Tracker offer a free trial?

A: Yes, AMZ Tracker offers a 7-day free trial.

Q: What does AMZ Tracker do?

A: AMZ tracker is an all-in-one tool for sellers of products on Amazon. It’s a market research tool that also helps with negative reviews, promotion, tracking, and more. AMZ Tracker provides a super URL feature as well.

Q: How do I track my Amazon reviews?

A: You can track your Amazon reviews by using software particularly for this purpose. Some software on the market with this feature include AMZ Tracker, Helium 10, and Jungle Scout. They offer different pricing plans, however pricing is usually anywhere between $50 – $100 per month.

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