AMZScout Is Meh Compared to Helium 10 & We've Got a Special Deal For You
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AMZScout Review 2023 (Can It Build a Six-Figure Store?)

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amzscout review

AMZScout Review 2023 (Can It Build a Six-Figure Store?)

Home / Ecommerce / AMZScout Review 2023 (Can It Build a Six-Figure Store?)
amzscout review
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Welcome to my ACCURATE and UPDATED AMZScout review!

I’m going to cover all the essential information you need to know BEFORE you make your decision. Including:

  • Features (Do they really help?)
  • Pricing (Is it worth the money?)
  • Function (Did it actually help me or was it a waste of time?)
  • Alternatives (Is there something better?)

Most other review blogs show outdated pricing (pricing is much simpler now) and only detail features rather than telling you how it actually affects growing your Amazon store.

I think my conclusion will surprise most entrepreneurs. Let’s just say I wish I’d had this review BEFORE I signed up.

You’re about to find out why.

Every Amazon Seller Needs to Learn This Valuable Lesson (START HERE)

I’m just going to give it to you straight:

Product research is the single most important determiner of your success on Amazon.

I learned this the hard way. The hard, expensive, time consuming, man-I-want-to-quit way.

The difference between the top earners (stores raking in 6-7 figures a month) and failures is winning products.

How do you find winning products? You guessed it! Research.

I thought I could see what the hottest niches were, check out the top products in those categories, and go with that.

Several months and thousands of dollars later, I was making next to nothing while people I knew I was smarter than were making thousands.

Now, my store is doing waayyyyy more than that and it took less time and a smaller investment.

The difference?

**Drum roll please**

Product research.

If you don’t take this step seriously, then quit now. You’ll invest thousands of dollars, see zero results, and then wish you had taken research seriously.

Why am I telling you this? Because your product research tool is going to make all the difference. So make this decision wisely.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, AMZScout.

What is AMZScout?

what is AMZScout

AMZScout is a sweet suite of tools that eliminates the hard work and guesswork in finding winning products and reaching profitability on Amazon in just a few months or less.

It starts out by laying the groundwork for HOW to become profitable. Then, it helps you find high-profit products, optimize your listings for more sales, and plan your entire AMZ business for maximum profitability.

Here’s how it works:

  • Product Database: Amazon’s entire catalog at a glance. Instant access to sales data, history, supply, demand, and anything else. Hell, I think I saw my Social Security number in there once.
  • Chrome Extension: Fits neatly in your browser and provides instant data for any product you’re viewing on Amazon. It’s like that tracking computer The Terminator has in his eye. You zero in on the product and get all of the data instantly.
  • Keyword Tools: AMZScout has some awesome tools to help you discover hidden keywords and further optimize your listings with low hanging fruit. Including competitor spying, keyword tracking, keyword explorer, and a new listings optimization (beta version).

In case you’re wondering if it’s legit, it’s used by Disney, Dell, and Red Bull. Chances are, those companies know how to make money. I’m no expert, though.

companies using amzscout

AMZScout isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely good enough to help you find lucrative product ideas and build a solid foundation for your store. Much more on that later.

AMZScout Review: Pros and Cons

My thoughts: AMZScout is a good, affordable tool with a quality academy. But it’s definitely flawed.

It’s not the best, but if you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to build a solid foundation for your store, it’ll do just fine. I personally didn’t get much value from it, but that’s because I started using it when I was already profitable.

AMZScout Pros

  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • All-in-one bundle
  • Chrome extension is fast as lightning
  • Solid product database
  • Very helpful academy
  • Accepts PayPal (could help people without credit cards)

AMZScout Cons

  • Limited functionality compared to competitors
  • Fewer tools than competitors (one in particular…)
  • Affordable, but I don’t think the value justifies the price (I’ll explain later)

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout’s pricing is simple and affordable.

In a world where most Amazon tool pricing plans require a degree in Information Theory and Signal Processing, it’s a breath of fresh air.

NOTE: I read 5 other reviews before finishing mine and NONE had accurate pricing. Always double check pricing before making your decision.

The Amazon Sellers Bundle from AMZScout costs $49.87/mo or $299 annually.

AMZScout pricing

Compared to Helium 10, Jungle Scout, or Seller App, that’s a big discount. If you want the same functionality (product database, keyword tracking, and browser extension), it’ll cost you well over $100/mo with Helium 10.

And yes, it does come with a 7-day free trial.

amzscout reviews and guarantee

JungleScout, the most popular (and in my opinion, one of the best), Amazon sourcing tool costs $69/mo. So, you’re saving at least $20/mo going with AMZScout.

NOTE: AMZScout has totally changed its pricing over time. Many other posts quoted INCORRECT PRICING. I saw prices ranging from $44.99/mo to a la carte pricing starting at $20 for the extension. I have no idea what these people are doing (and neither do they, apparently).

Is AMZScout Worth it?

I’ve been in FBA for years. Grown six-figure stores. Researched winning (and losing!) products. And in all my experience, I’ve never really come across something like AMZScout.

On the one hand, it’s affordable, pretty good, and the trainings are helpful to new sellers. So in a way, yes, it’s worth it.

On the other hand, it offers so much less than its competitors. For only a few dollars more per month, you can get Jungle Scout, which provides much more value than AMZScout.

This is going to be a long-winded answer, but here it goes:

Yes, AMZScout is worth the money. You get a lot for only $50/mo, and it’s plenty for finding lucrative products and building a store.

But for about $20/mo more, Jungle Scout will locate better products, give better information, provide more granular keyword details, and plug you into the world’s most reliable network of vetted suppliers.

So, it’s worth it, but why not just spend a little extra to get something better?

That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, though. Let’s cover what you get for roughly $50/mo.

What Comes With the Amazon Sellers Bundle?

The Amazon Sellers Bundle is your blueprint and toolkit for becoming profitable in 3 months—or so the company claims.

Personally, it irks me when companies claim you can make a certain amount per month, so putting $10,000/mo in the headline puts me off.

But I digress.

Here’s what comes with your bundle:

Amazon Seller Beginners Training

Super valuable for new sellers.

AMZScout’s Sellers Course walks you step-by-step through how to kick off your FBA empire.


  • Setting up an account
  • Searching for winning products and identifying losers
  • Introduction to PPC campaigns
  • Bumps in the road that ruin most stores, and how to avoid/overcome them.

This is one of my favorite things about AMZScout. Competitors also offer training, but AMZScout’s beginners training is way easier and more straightforward.

Of course, for more advanced training, Jungle Scout’s academy is way better.

AMZScout PRO Extension

AMZScout’s PRO Extension is a winning-product shortcut that displays indispensable information.

I don’t want to oversell any tool, but if you know what to look for, this tool is like an instant YES or NO STAY AWAY. And it works straight from your browser.

It all comes down to Niche Score.

Instead of doing the research into the niche yourself, Niche Score amalgamates tons of different niche factors into a single number. If it’s good, the niche is worth investigating. If not, run away. You’ve just saved days of work and the risk of investing in a losing category.

If the niche scores highly, then you can sink your teeth into the other data:

  • Sales volume
  • Bestseller rank
  • Reviews
  • Number of sellers
  • Listing quality

Bonus: The QuickView Chrome Extension

The QuickView Chrome Extension compares products side-by-side right on the Amazon results page. That way, you get granular details on winning products and save time by not investigating losers.

Pretty awesome!

AMZScout Web App: Product Database and Product Tracker

AMZScout Web App - Product Database and Product Tracker

AMZScout’s Web App is where you’ll do the heavy lifting.

This tool gives you research and keyword superpowers.

Filter Amazon’s entire database using dozens of advanced filters to zero in on the top 1% of products. This is your shortcut to finding high-demand, low-competition, extremely lucrative products BEFORE competitors do.

Instead of doing days of research and playing guessing games, you can set the parameters and instantly be shown exactly which products are perfect for starting an FBA biz with. Not bad, aye?

From there, the Web App uncovers the most valuable keywords associated with those products so you can optimize your listings and PPC campaigns. That means more traffic, lower costs, and higher profit.

Not enough? It even lets you spy on competitors so you can see what they’re doing, identify weaknesses, improve upon their strategy, and outrank them!

Extra Tools

AMZScout is gracious enough to include a few extra tools in the package to help improve efficiency, sales, and margins.

They are:

  • FBA Calculator: Calculate profits, margins, and other costs to get a better idea of your store’s viability. This could make the difference between a store that reaches five figures and one that reaches six or seven. Some products have a clear ceiling while others have no ceiling. This is how you find ones that don’t.
  • Amazon to eBay Comparison: Not my favorite tool, but it could still come in handy. Compare prices to eBay instantly and make dropshipping even more profitable.
  • Stock Stats: Spy on your competitor’s stock and inventory to get a better idea of how their store operates and inventory issues they encounter, and learn how to avoid your own inventory issues.

Exclusive Amazon Insights (Yearly Subscribers Only)

Annual subscribers will receive special insights from AMZScout every 2 months.

Basically, each week they’ll send you either 1 product or 1 niche that’s in the top 1%.

That means they’ll basically show you what the best products or niches to get involved in are. Now, I’m not sure how they do this research and I don’t know anyone who has successfully launched a product from this info. Also, if it’s been months and you still haven’t decided on a product, you may have bigger problems at hand.

Still, it doesn't hurt to get more info.

AMZScout Webinars and Courses

I mentioned it briefly in the beginning (were you paying attention?), so I want to follow up a bit on this since I think it has some value.

AMZScout offers free webinars and other training to new sellers. In fact, I think my experience with the tool would’ve been much better if I had been a beginner and not an established seller.

AMZScout Webinars and Courses

Courses like “How to Start Selling on Amazon” and “The New Strategy that Quickly Finds Highly Profitable Products” aren’t groundbreaking, but they’re definitely helpful for new sellers. Not many other tools offer high-value resources like these for free. If you’re a complete beginner, this extra value could tip the scales in AMZScout’s favor.

Looking for a complete way to get started with Amazon FBA? Check out our guide to the best Amazon FBA courses.

How to Use AMZScout: A Quick Tutorial

amzscout tutorial and how to

Since you’re probably most interested in the AMZScout Pro Extension, let me walk you through it quickly. It’s actually a pretty neat tool that instantly displays a ton of helpful Amazonformation (Did I just make a new word?!).

First, you need to install the tool. Click the “+ Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.

The icon will become visible in the top right corner of your browser.

amzscout chrome extension

Then, go to any Amazon product page, click the button, and VOILA!

finding amazon products using amzscout

Adjust the filters to only see which products fit your criteria:

amzscout filters and settings

You’ll want to add products to your Product Tracker to get a better idea of product details:

amazon fba product tracking

The Chrome Extension gives you instant access to extremely helpful information like price history:

how to see amazon products price history

Rank history:

amazon products ranking history using amzscout

And FBA fees:

amazon fba fees and profit calculator

Here are just some of the features:

  •  Product Sales History
  •  Estimated Monthly Income
  •  Adaptive Data Filtering and Sorting
  •  Monthly Sales Estimations
  •  Lowest Seller Price Information
  •  Automatic FBA Fee Calculation
  •  Product Profit Calculator
  •  Comprehensive Listing Quality Score Analysis
  •  BSR History
  •  Competitor Stock Levels
  •  Review Numbers and Rating averages

You can even find products on Alibaba!

As far as Amazon Chrome Extensions go, this is great. But, it’s still not among the best. I definitely prefer Jungle Scout’s extension or Helium 10’s XRay. They’re way more powerful.

If you want to find winning products, you’ve got to dig deep. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. It takes meticulous searching and discipline. If you don’t have access to all of the data, you won’t be able to make a fully informed decision. And here’s the worst part: your competitors (people like me) will. And chances are, they’ll have a lot more experience than you.

Every little edge matters.

Final Thoughts

AMZScout is an OK tool for product research, but not much else.

Overall, I give it a 5/10.

It’s pretty cheap, and the product database, FBA fees calculator, and trainings are enough to learn the ropes, find winning products, and build a solid foundation for your store.

But it’s very limited, and for only a few dollars more per month, you could have a tool that provides so much more value.

Just $20/mo more gets you a better research tool, a better Chrome plugin, a more comprehensive keyword tool, and direct connections to the world’s most reliable suppliers.

So, I don’t see the value in using AMZScout unless you’re on a seriously low budget or need a simpler tool with a very small learning curve.

VERDICT: AMZScout is OK, but JungleScout is better. If you have the money, get the better tool. This phase will make or break your store. AMZScout is cheaper, but it could end up costing you thousands if you choose the wrong products to start your store.

AMZScout Alternatives

These 2 alternatives are far better than AMZScout. It comes down to your budget and goals. Do you want the best product research tool at an affordable price? Do you want the ultimate 7-figure store machine?

Remember what I said about taking product research seriously? This is an investment, not an expense.

Jungle Scout: The Best Product Research Tool

best amazon FBA tool - jungle scout

Jungle Scout is an insanely powerful suite of Amazon research tools designed to take all of the work and uncertainty out of finding winning products.

It's well known in the industry as one of the best product research tools. And if that's all you need, it's a no-brainer.

Jungle Scout makes it easy to find high-demand, low-competition products with high profit margins.

Then, it connects you directly to vetted, reliable sellers that won't run off with your money and leave you hanging. Nobody is better at seller vetting than JS.

Next, it shows you exactly how to optimize your listings to outrank competitors and sell more products.

And after you’re all ready to go, it acts as your financial command center, helping you manage every aspect of your store, cut costs, and maintain profitability.

Think of it as a shining light in the vast, dark expanse known as Amazon.

For just about $20 more per month, you get this:

  • Product Research: Jungle Scout’s product database is much more extensive and detailed than AMZScout. There are so many more hidden details to find that could make the difference between six-figure stores and failed ventures.
  • Supplier Database: Find qualified suppliers in seconds. Instead of wasting hours poring over Google translate trying to find out who is who in some country you can’t pronounce, you just click on a trusted name and BOOM, you’ve got a supplier.
  • Launch: Personalize the customer’s journey, automate emails, and make more money automatically.
  • Inventory: Those million-dollar products aren’t going to manage themselves. JS ensures you never run out of stock at the worst times, and it always accurately forecasts demand.

$20 more per month is less than a dollar a day. Less than $1 per day to get a tool with 10x the power.

Helium 10: The Ultimate Amazon Tool

helium10 as an AMZScout alternative

Helium 10 is the ultimate Amazon tool, and it’s not even close. It’s like the Death Star of Amazon, only it doesn’t have any sneaky flaws for rebel scum to exploit.

Helium — the element  —is 25% of the known universe. And Helium 10 — the Amazon tool — is STILL MORE POWERFUL.

This is an all-in-one suite of Amazon tools covering everything from product research and listings optimization to store management, fraud protection (all rights reserved!), lead capturing, and product launches.

If Helium 10 announced tomorrow that they had successfully cloned Jeff Bezos and forced his clone to demonstrate the inner workings of Amazon so they could sell it to customers, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Helium 10 gives you everything Jungle Scout does, PLUS:

  • ADS: Run PPC campaigns with deadly precision.
  • Refund Genie: Recover hundreds or even thousands of dollars in Amazon refunds automatically.
  • Inventory Protection: Nobody will abuse your coupons. I mean nobody.
  • Analytics: Helium 10 shows you every detail of your store so you can optimize operations and profits.
  • Portals: Open up portals to new and fascinating dimensions. Just kidding. Helium 10’s new landing page builder is awesome, though!

All of this comes at a price, but it’s worth every penny.

If your goal is to be successful on Amazon, Helium 10 is the only tool you need.

AMZScout F.A.Q

Q: How much does AMZScout cost?

A: AMZScout costs $49.87 per month or $299 annually, a savings of 50%.

Q: Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

A: Yes, Jungle Scout is worth the money. It’s a steal. For $69/mo you get a tool that shows you the most lucrative products, provides the keywords that are basically guaranteed to sell the most in your ads, and connects you to reliable suppliers. That’s worth thousands of dollars.

Q: How do I use AMZScout?

A: AMZScout is mainly a product research tool. You use it by setting parameters and scouring the Amazon database for winning product ideas. Then, you research keywords and analyze competitors and use this information to launch your store.

Q: Is there a free alternative to Jungle Scout and AMZScout?

A: Unicorn Smasher is a free alternative to Jungle Scout and AMZScout.

Q: Does AMZScout have a free trial?

A: Yes, AMZScout offers a free trial and you can cancel at any time.

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