An Employer Asked for My Facebook Password – What Should I Do?


When you go on a job interview, you anticipate all the usual questions. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why should I hire you? You’re not always prepared to get thrown a curveball, but more and more interviewers are sneaking in this head-knocker: What’s your Facebook password?

It’s probably the worst question you could possibly be asked because it’s wrong on so many levels. You don’t give your password out to anyone. Your Facebook profile is part of your identity, and the last thing you want to do is compromise its security or make all its private content public. On the other hand, you really need a job, and refusing to answer this question could cost you it. If a potential employer asks for your Facebook password, what should you do?

Don’t Be Too Desperate

Maybe you’re desperate for a job, but don’t give up your password the second you’re asked without a second thought. Your password is your personal data, and it will give anyone who knows it access to your entire profile and give them the ability to make changes or impersonate you. Before you even consider giving up that control, ask your interviewer some questions in return. How will my password be used? Who will have access to it? What if I refuse to give it? What if I change it? You’re entitled to know how your personal information is being handled.

Stand Your Ground

If you don’t want to give up your Facebook password, then don’t do it. Do you really want the job that badly? Do you really want to work for someone who doesn’t respect your privacy and wants to invade your personal life? Sometimes your principles are more important than a job. And standing firm won’t always cost you the position. Most employers expect people to refuse to give their passwords. In fact, it might even be a cruel trick – if you give an employer your Facebook password, they might think you’re naïve and worry about how you’ll protect the company’s sensitive information.

Remain Calm

Don’t threaten an employer with a lawsuit if you’re asked for your Facebook password. What they’re doing isn’t illegal. Legislation recently proposed in the House of Representatives to make it illegal for employers to ask their employees for Facebook passwords was voted down, but Facebook does say it violates its Terms of Service. When you’re faced with the question, calmly decline to provide them with that information. The quicker you move on to a different subject the better. Hopefully the employer will is reasonable, and their decision to hire you or not will be based on your qualifications and the overall tone of your interview.

The Bottom Line

In most cases you should not divulge your password information to anyone, even in exchange for a job. If you to decide to give out your Facebook password, be extremely cautious and monitor your profile for any unauthorized changes. The best thing you can do is clean up your visible Facebook profile because even if an employer doesn’t get your password, you can bet they’ll still try to look at your public info.


Charlie Adams is a tech guru and internet expert who loves writing in his free time. He often uses a grammar checker to instantly proof his work and check for grammatical mistakes that he may have missed himself. He recently became heavily involved with an association of entrepreneurs.

Image Credit: Firagolgdreamflyer

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