André Morys from the largest conversion agency in the world

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André Morys is the founder and CEO of Web Arts AG

andre-morys-web-arts-agAndré is running the leading agency for conversion optimization (also one of the largest – if not THE largest – conversion agency in the world). Their customers include renowned national and international online retailers, financial services and manufacturers.

André’s writings have been widely published by professional and popular media alike: Adzine,, Website Boosting, Internet World, and many other magazines. He’s also been a lecturer in usability and user-centered design at universities and conferences world wide since 2004.

One of the amazing things Andre works on is measuring the ROI of emotions. He analyzes customer behaviour in their lab, and can find out precisely which emotion has an impact on the effectiveness of selling, and how big the impact is.

The goal is to discover the emotional mindset uses, so websites could to deliver the best match. He calls it “emotional resonance”. In A/B-Tests, the version with the best resonance is sometimes 10-times better than the creative version from the expert’s sketchbook.

Andre will talk about this in his presentation for Elite Camp. Digital Elite Camp 2014 is a data-driven marketing and conversion optimization conference. On the beach, in the summer, with spa facilities.

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