Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

Recently I came across a tool which helps small business to run turnkey promotional campaigns. It caught my attention because their apps work well on mobile, and you may run promotions in 18 languages – we need it, we are from Europe!

You may run promotion campaigns in order to boost your list, spice up your Facebook Page, or to engage with your customers. These campaigns may be coupon offers (when you give your product on a discounted prize), sweepstakes (when your aim is to collect leads by giving away a grand prize), or quiz (when people need to answer a question correctly to win), etc.

In order to create such an app you may have Antavo Promotion Builder, so you don’t need to hire an agency, which is quite expensive.

How To Build A Promotion App With Antavo?

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

Sign up on their website.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

Choose here which campaign you want to run.

Sweepstakes are mainly for lead generation: people subscribe to your promotion and at the end of the campaign you give away a prize to a lucky winner. Deals are for driving sales: people enter your promotion, and they receive a coupon code to redeem it online, or print and bring into your shop.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

Here you can choose from different templates. This fastens the process, as you don’t need to deal with the design part.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

This one is a very good opportunity if your customers are not English-speakers. Just pick your language from the list.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

That’s where the editing process begins, when you fill up the frame with content. Just click somewhere on the live preview part on the right side then edit the content on the left.

The editing process follows the same order as your customer will interact with the running app. First you edit the “front page” where subscribers will click ‘enter promotion’. Then, they will arrive to the “entry form” where you may ask for any information about them. After they submitted this form, they will land on the “post entry page” where they may spread the word about your campaign, and earn bonus entries.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

That’s where you may ask anything from your subscribers. For example if you sell T-shirts you may ask them their T-shirt size, and how often they buy clothes.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

This is the page that your subscribers see after entering the promotion. Here you may motivate them to spread the word, so they get more entries when friends enter from their shared link. You may also let them enter multiple times, so they will keep your promotion in mind all day.

Antavo Promotion Builder (Product Review)

Once your promotion is up and running you may monitor real time how many people subscribed. On the “subscribers” tab you can download the list of subscribers.’

5 Benefits Of Using Antavo

  1. Multichannel and multidevice: these apps are mobile compatible, and they work well not only on your Facebook page, but also on your website.
  2. Quick editing process: there are handsome templates you may choose from, and the platform is very visual, so it helps you to edit what your customers will see.
  3. Less money spent on advertising: thanks to the viral features subscribers are motivated to spread the word about your promotion.
  4. Opportunity to upsell: subscribers receive a confirmation e-mail that they entered the promotion successfully.
  5. On your language: good tools are usually in English, but with this one you may build apps in 18 languages. (They have even Estonian and Catalan.)


And the best is that they have a free package!

Click here if you want to check out what this tool knows. Have you ever used an app builder platform? What is your favourite?

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