Are Your Product Reviews Converting?

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Product reviews are an invaluable source for consumers who are deciding to purchase a product.  Recently, many different online communities have sprung up that allow customers to share their experiences with a product as well as the website they purchased it from.  This online social interaction has become an incredibly important strategy to use in order to convert product reviews to sales.  In America alone, over 70% of Americans say they read and consider product reviews and consumer ratings before they make a purchase.  This means that it is absolutely vital that your product reviews follow several steps in order to make sure that your customers feel well-informed and comfortable when it comes to making a purchase.

Have a Good Product Description

In order for consumers to trust your product reviews, you first have to demonstrate that you are familiar with the product and know what you are talking about.  Consumers are well aware of the fact that companies will go to websites and post fake reviews that can be spotted a mile away.  You want to make sure that you are able to describe everything about the product you want to convert from the review.  This includes how the product feels, the look, size, weight of it, even how it smells.  Make sure you also describe the ordering process and how long it took you to get the item.  Be sure not to make your description too long though, or that will raise flags with consumers.  Keep it short but detailed.

Compare With Similar Competing Products

By comparing the product you want to convert with other similar items, you will help consumers decide which is going to be best for them.  It doesn’t hurt that comparison reviews are a great way to draw in new readers since many people searching online product reviews have narrowed their choices down and would like to know how their final choices stack up against one another so they can find out which one is best for them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Criticize a Product You Want To Sell

It may not feel intuitive to criticize a product that you are trying to convert, but it is important that you have criticisms in your product review because many readers simply won’t believe a review that is nothing but positive and can’t find a single negative about a product.  It is vital that your product reviews feel balanced, because that will create confidence in the consumer that your product review is one deserving of their trust.  You don’t want your reader thinking that your product review is simply trying to sell them something, but rather help the reader make an educated decision before they make a purchase.

Details Matter

Make sure that you cover very specific details of your products in your reviews.  You want to show your readers that you have actually used the product and have experience using it if you want them to believe and trust your review.  Mention what the product is best at, and talk about areas where it is weak and could use improvement.  Just make sure that you are very detailed when you do.  Mentioning specific situations that you encountered when you were using the product will help convince your readers that the review is real and not just being used to sell them something

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