The first-ever actionable, behavioral segmentation of teens

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Euro RSCG Discovery has announced the availability of “ASL Teen Segments”, the first actionable behavioral segmentation of teens, designed to help marketers more effectively target teen consumers on a one-to-one basis. The segmentation groups teens according to characteristic gender, social and behavioral differences.

ASL Teen Segments

ASL Teen Segments survey. Picture from

The full list of female teen segments includes: In-Style Socialites, Jockettes, Most Likely to Succeed, Style Meets Thrift and Traditionalists. The male segments are: Big Man on Campus, Red-Blooded Boys, Technosapiens, Tuned Inward, Under Construction and Young Metrosexuals.

Gender is a key driver of teen consumer behavior, which is why all segments had to be defined along gender lines.

  • “Jockettes” are the largest category of female teen consumers, representing more than one-fourth of females. These girls lead healthy and active lifestyles, enjoying outdoor activities and sports.
  • “Young Metrosexuals” or social, popular boys caring about their outward appearance, are the largest male segment. They comprise more than one-fourth of all the male teens

Although teens are online in large numbers, TV, radio and magazines are still among the most trusted channels teens look to for both information and relaxation. However, the Internet dominates for certain male teen segments. Both genders shop online at the same frequency (14%) and are more likely to make purchase decisions in stores.

This segmentation breaks down not only what teens are interested in, but where and how they shop, and how they respond to direct mail, digital advertising and in-store marketing. It also shows how teens use different forms of traditional and new media.” – Don Damore, CEO of ASL

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